Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Best Hole In The Wall Sandwich Place...

We got up bright and early today to head out with our friends to check out some windows and doors. The Husband and his friend were all too excited since one of their friends was giving them a way for free. So, off we went, stopping at Starbuck's on the way.

I remembered to pack up some snacks but didn't remember to pack breakfast ~ whooops! No worries, I ordered at Starbuck's. A fat free decaf latte with caramel drizzle on top (I swear this is my favorite part - it tastes just like a marshmallow). You have to try it and make sure you savor the caramel foaminess. Then, I ordered their Perfect Oatmeal and mixed in the 100 calorie berry blend. I didn't use the nuts or the brown sugar because each mix in is 100 calories and it seemed crazy to mix in 300 calories of mix in's. I didn't snap a picture, but click here to see what it looks like.

We chatted the whole way and it was great to catch up. I also caught up on some reading of magazines. I snacked on some veggies and a lowfat cabot cheese mid morning.


An hour later I was still hungry and we were having a late lunch so I snacked on 1/2 of this VEGAN Dark Chocolate Almond NUGO Bar. I really liked this bar - the chocolate is amazing, however, I was expecting actual almonds. You can taste almond extract but there are not nuts to be found. The inside is crunchy like rice crispy's so it made it like a desserty bar. I LOVE the concept of having nutrition in a bar - check out the specs on their website here. This bar really did the trick at filling me up and I wasn't hungry for lunch until 2 pm (3 hours later).


Now here is the funny know the saying "there is no such thing as a free lunch". Well, guess what - the whole window/door thing was too good to be true. The Husband's friend had the windows (without frames) which would be horrible to recreate and the doors were funky sized (9 foot doors). I guess the average door is 8 foot. They couldn't use any of the doors or windows. But, being the good people that The Husband and his buddy are, they, still took the doors and windows to the Saturday, right? Well....maybe not but at least it was an adventure.

When we got back, we were starved and headed out to the Best Sandwich Place in Fairfield, Ca, Joe's Buffet. I LOVE mom & pop shops like this little whole in the wall. They roast all their meats and there is nothing processed about this place at all.

The Husband ordered his usual "Joe's Special" with pasta salad. His gigantic sandwich is 1/2 pastrami and 1/2 roast beef and provolone cheese. They give you a little container of Au Jus for dipping too. It's an amazing sandwich with a ton of flavor and look at all the meat they give you.


I decided to venture out from my usual Turkey Sandwich and try something new ~ A BBQ Beef Sandwich. This just might be the best BBQ beef sandwich I've ever had - they make their own BBQ sauce. They brush the bread with the sauce, then, give you a side of it for dipping. I also ordered their green salad with homemade italian dressing. I was only able to eat half of this huge sandwich and The Husband ate the other half.



If you are ever in Fairfield, Ca, I highly recommend checking out Joe's Buffet in Old Town. It will be one of the best sandwich experiences you ever have had. The entire place is family owned and they are so friendly.

We are heading back out to do some shopping at Costco/Sams and run a few other errands. I still need to figure out something for dinner. I am thinking something on the lighter side since we just had a big lunch. I think we are decorating eggs tonight too - fun!

Since I already typed a ton now, I will come back later to tell you about my new direction for eating/working out this week.

See you all later!


  1. That sandwich and that pizza place you went to are making me REALLY want to get out to the West Coast! You guys have some great eats out there. I love seeing the pictures.

    Thanks also for stopping by my fledgling blog. It's been a lot of fun, and your encouragement is really appreciated :)

  2. I have been wanting to try that bar for a while now!

    love your bag of sugar snap peas:)

  3. Thanks Jane! You are doing great with your blog, it's interesting to read and see your success each day. We do have alot of great places out this makes it all too tempting to eat out though.

    Clean Veggie ~ You should definitely give this bar a try. It was tasty. I have a few other Nugo bars I'll be trying and will be sure to post a review too.