Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Jump Start lunch worth repeating....

Isn't it amazing how much faster walking and running go when you are chatting it up with a friend? We walked for an hour today and time completely flew by. I LOVE days like that! I was definitely ready for lunch when we got back.

Last night I made up this fabulous Jump Start Spicy Tomato & Lentil Soup. It cooks up in under 20 minutes but tastes amazing with all the spices in it. I had a 1 cup (230 cal, 6 g fat, 6 g fiber) serving. I really liked the chunkiness and protein (13 g per serving) that the lentils added to the soup. (Sorry I couldn't find the recipe online for this one, but, if you want it, let me know). This is a fabulous VEGETARIAN dish. You could sub soy milk and it would be VEGAN.


I also grilled up another TJ's Chile Lime Chicken Burger ~ These are my favorite premade burgers of all time. Instead of stuffing it in my pita, I put all the toppings on top of a bed of spinach!


With 1/2 a whole wheat pita on the side - perfect for soup dipping!


This really was a fabulous lunch - very filling yet light at the same time. I will definitely be freezing up some of this soup in single servings for later.

I can't wait for TONIGHT!!! It's the FINAL Biggest Loser Show before the finale. I can't wait to see who the final 4 are, but, I can bet you I am not voting for any brown.

For those of you who watch The Biggest Loser - Who do you hope wins? Have you picked a favorite yet?


  1. yum, i love those TJ's burgers. one more reason i wish i had a TJ's, sigh!

    i would love the recipe to the soup. how many carbs are in a serving? lentils are so yummy! the sun dried tomato recipe below looks good too.

    question: how do you track your calories burned and what exercise plan do you follow?

  2. Lunch looks really good. I haven't ever tried those TJ's burgers, but they look great!

  3. How funny... As I was reading this post, Biggest Loser was coming on. I'm watching it now! LOL


  4. Janetha - I do not think I could live without a TJ's - it is seriously my favorite store of all time!

    I will make sure I post the recipe for you ASAP so you can make it :)

    I track my calories burned by wearing a Body Bugg www.bodybugg.com. I absolutely LOVE mine and highly recommend it. I would be glad to answer any questions I can about it.

    The exercise plan I am currently following is the one in the Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start Diet. It's fun and fairly simple....it's a nice break from the vigorous Jilliam Michale Circuits and Tri-Athlon Training I was doing.

    Emily ~ Thanks it was a great lunch - you definitely should add the TJ Burgers to your list. You can cook them one at a time and keep them frozen - so fast and so easy.

    Michele ~ Yeah - I am watching it as I reply to your comment :) LOVE BL!

  5. Danica ~ I too would appreciate you posting the soup recipe.

  6. thanks! i am getting my tonsils out on tuesday so i am thinking this soup will be perfect to eat during my recovery.

    ALSO i was going to ask you--my mom is in cali right now and going to TJ's for me! i am having her pick me up some turkey meatballs, black bean dip, the honey almond flax cereal, a few of the salsas and some coffee. all the other stuff i get there usually is pretty fattening like the masala simmer sauce and the picatta. i was wondering if you knew any HEALTHY finds at TJ that could be brought back to me? i am sure you know, since you probably show there often! thanks!

  7. Anonymous ~ I will make sure to post the recipe today so you all have it.

    Janetha - Good luck with getting your tonsils out - soup is awesome especially because you can puree it in your bullet. You can have it hot or cold, but, I am more of a hot soup kind of person. I LOVE ice cream too but well :D

    TJ's things - hmmmmm....how much room does she have for stuff? lol I will ponder this a bit, but, some things that come to mind are:

    * TJ's Chile Lime Chicken Burgers (since you are doing the turkey meatballs too

    * TJ's High Fiber Cereal - the perfect addition to yogurt or to mix with your honey flax cereal

    * Dressings - in the fridge section if you are getting fridge stuff - LOVE The Cranberry Gorgonzola Walnut and Spicy Asian Peanut (both lowcal/lowfat)

    * Premade Polenta - next to the pasta for yesterday's recipe

    * 100 cal Dark Chocolate Sticks for sweet cravings

    I think that is a good start, I will do a post of other things if I think of them or add another comment :)

    Good luck and do tell what you end up getting :)

  8. Janetha - here are a few more things that came to mind as well.

    Organic Brown Rice (in the freezer section - precooked and cooks in 3 minutes)

    Pizza Dough - in the fridge section - all flavors are awesome - low cal and fat plus it tastes homemade.

    Vegetable Gyoza (in freezer section) - awesome for making the Vegetable Gyoza & Edamame Soycatash recipe posted on my site.

    Edamame Soycatash Mix (in freezer section)

    No Pudge Brownie

    Fat free or low fat Greek Yogurt

    Frozen Apple tart - I can't remember but it's about 140 calories for 1/4 of the pizza tart & so tasty!

    Ok i'll stop there before your mom has too much stuff to carry back :)

  9. yesssssssssssss! thank you!!!!!

  10. Janetha ~ You are more than welcome - anytime I can help :)