Monday, April 13, 2009

I got "Moo" Mail ~ Blog Cards!!!

I was soooo excited when I received an email from FoodBuzz last week informing me that they would be sending me some Featured Publisher Blog Business Cards. They used this super cool company called MOO. This company is the coolest!!! They are pretty entertaining (just check out their site) and I LOVE the process of how your card goes from being a little MOO order to a big MOO order! But, more importantly, they have the environment and sustainability in mind throughout all their products ~ you've gotta love that!


I couldn't wait to break open the package. There are over 100 mini blog cards in my box with super cool foodie pictures on the back:


And my name, blog name, blog addy and email addy!


SO, SO, SO COOL!!! I LOVE them and can't wait to give them to, I just have to figure out who I can share them with (obviously family and friends)....but whose next....

Any ideas??? :D

I will have my daily summary/update with my morning post. Off to read, relax and sleep!


  1. That is so AWESOME!


  2. Yay! I'm thrilled for you!! Those look like some fun, colorful cards--how exciting!! Mine are on the way. I can't wait!!!


  3. Jeannine ~ I am so excited about them. I can't wait to share them with everyone I can give one too lol.

    Michele ~ Thanks - I can't wait to see yours too :) Do post when you get them.