Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy morning but now the day is 1/2 over - Hooray!

Hi all! Sorry for the delay in posting, but, I am all too excited to report that my project is finished *fingers crossed* and now I can go back to having balance again :)

This morning I went for a simple breakfast - something fast, easy with protein, fiber and fruit.


1/2 c TJ's High Fiber Cereal (aka fiber worms)
1/2 C Nature's Path Organic Pumpkin Flax
1 small banana*
1 c ff milk

* The Jump Start plan called for 1/2 a grapefruit - bleh! So I had this instead.

For some added protein, I had another Perfectly Hard Boiled Egg.


All together with the "Hooray!" Mug of decaf Starbuck's. That is what this cup makes me think of when I grab it - Hooray!! LOL I truly do LOVE our entertaining random coffee cups at work. Our company is all about not using throw away cups, silverware, plates and I think that is great. We all rotate dish duty and luck me - this week is mine!


Later on in the morning, my stomach told me it was time to break for a snack. I had an amazing orange.


With two more of the BL Blueberry Bran Mini Muffins.


And my absolute favorite tea of all times - Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea - it's caffeine fruit and reminds me of Big Red Gum.


I am heading out today for a nice long lunchtime walk and chat session with my co-worker. We are experiencing a cooling trend in the 60's but I think it will be a nice change.

My quick recap for yesterday:

1,460 Calories Consumed
2,559 Calories Burned
8,734 Steps Taken

FUN NEWS THIS AM: Kath received her Annie's Natural's Go Green Giveaway loot from me today!!! I included some bonus stuff for fun & well, because I can - you can check it out by clicking HERE! Congrats again Kath!

See you all after lunch!


  1. Marisa ~ Thanks! Have you made these muffins too? They rock for mini muffins for sure and they actually fill you up.