Thursday, April 2, 2009

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?

I guess I missed out on sharing my list with you all since I didn't start blogging until after I had made these. Each year I make up 12 monthly New Year's Resolutions that I focus on one per month. They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit so the goal is to have a new "habit" formed each month and end the year with 12 habits I can carry forward.

I will give a quick update on where I am at so far and let you in on what my goal is for April.

Jan – Work up to 90+ oz water daily. Wk 1 – 64+oz, Wk 2 – 72+oz, Wk3 – 80+oz, Wk 4 0 88+oz, Wk 5 – 96+oz. Plus daily walks/runs atlunch.

Update: I pretty much only drink water, tea and decaf coffee. Occassionally I throw juice or lemonade in there for fun. I try to avoid all sodas, diet or regular as they are just plain bad. I am currently drinking about 80 oz of water daily, but, I'd like to build up to 100 oz.

Feb - Daily Exercise even if it is just for 10 minutes. Make it a habit!

Update: I did pretty good at meeting this goal, but, I have to admit it wasn't every day. I exercise most days being 5-6 days in some form even if it is just a walk. I want to build on this still.

Mar – No candy or junk – 100% healthy foods and healthy alternativeswhen craving sweets. I am not depriving myself, just finding ahealthier more nutritious way to take care of my body.

Update: I was soooo proud of me because I met this goal 100% for March up until the 31st when the nephews handed me some candy and I ate it without thinking. But, you know what, I am calling it all good, goal met! I found healthy (and some unhealthy w/all the baking) alternatives.

Apr – 25 pushups per day + continue exercising most days of the week

Ok ~ This brings me up to day with you all. I am going to post my daily exercise with my eats to help keep me accountable to you all as well. No more forgetting to post that as I plan to own it all 100%. I might still choose to test out the Jump Start workouts too.

Alright, I think I've given you all a ton to read in my last 3 posts. I am now off to do some pushups!

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