Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Omelet of Champions

Happy Saturday all! I slept in, I slept in! For those who know me, my body always wakes up earlier than I want it to no matter how late I stay up. Sleeping in for me today was a pretty good record 8:30 - 10 hours - yes!

I was excited to make this omelet all week because honestly who doesn't LOVE omelets. I made the Jump Start Omelet of Champions - you can find the recipe here. For the refried beans portion, I decided to use Trader Joe's Fat Free Spicy Black Bean Dip.


I LOVE this as a dip - it has great flavor and is only 30 calories a serving. I bet it will be awesome with the Lundberg chips too ~ Yum!

I purposely (not really) mean to make my omelet eggs "well done!" while I was making The Husband's breakfast.



I think my favorite part of the omelet was when I came across the creamy laughing cow cheese bites. Along with my Omelet of Champions I had 1/2 a cup of organic strawberries.


And 8 oz of fat free milk.


I am actually completely stuffed now and ready to start our busy day. I am not sure I'll be having my mid morning snack so today I may skip it or have it later.

TODAY'S FUNNY NEWS: The Husband is being super nice this morning by doing all the dishes so I can blog. But, for some reason, he claims, whenever he does the dishes I decide to clean out the fridge and give him more dishes to wash. I promise it's not intentional :D LOL.....but he isn't buying that :D

We are off to check out the nephews game today and I might head out to Fleet Feets Diva Night - BraPalooza tonight with my friend, Rachel while The Husband works - can't wait!

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  1. oh oh oh i am a huge fan of that bean dip! every time i am in a state with a TJs i pick some up!!