Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Circus is Back In Town!!!

Do you all remember Circus Cookies? I honestly have to say this was my absolute favorite cookie of ALL time in my childhood and even (yup, it's true) in my adulthood. I was truly saddened when my favorite cookies disappeared off the shelves last year.

Then, I heard it.....Kellogg's saves Mother's Cookies and guess what???? They are bringing them back just in time for Mother's Day - Wooohooo!!! They hit the shelves beginning May 4th so make sure you hit up your store early before they sell out!

Then, my life got even better....FoodBuzz asked me if I wanted to sample the Circus Cookies as part of the Taste Maker Program. Ummm.....ya, I didn't really have to give that one too much thought!!! When I walked in the door today, I had this super cool box


My true love ~ The Circus Cookies were waiting inside just for me with a letter confirming the Kellogg's rumor I heard ~ Yeah!!!


As you all can guess, these do not exactly fit into the 30 day Jump Start Plan for today....but, I promise you, I WILL be making a daily calorie alotment for these for sure!

Thanks FoodBuzz & Kellogg's ~ I LOVE you both!!!! (yes, it requires that many exclamations!!)

Stay tuned as I plan to dig in and make you drool with a review soon....You know you probably already are because you missed these little pink and white cookies just as much as me!

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