Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My run today was interesting to say the least. Do you ever have days that your brain says Yes! this is what I want, but, your body won't go. No worries though, I found the perfect thing to make you pick up the pace. Here I was strolling along on my lunchtime jog enjoying the scenery and rockin' out to my MP3 player. All of a sudden, I feel a "nipping" at my heels. I turned around and much to my surprise there was a DOG!!!

Ok, I know I do run a little in the country with vineyards all around, but, I was running near the office buildings. The dog started barking and growling at me. I never really thought about what I'd do if I came across a dog that wanted a piece of me. I slowly turned around and started walking away....then, when he started after me again I ran like a complete sissy la la! After I was half way down the street he stopped chasing me but each time I looked back he would bark. Nothing like a little game of chase to get you to pick up your pace :)

I went a total of 3.25 miles today and came back to make up this lunch I had been dreaming of ALL morning long.


1 Mission Life Balance Whole Wheat Tortilla
2 oz grilled chicken
1 1/2 Tbsp BBQ sauce
1 1/2 slices of TJ's Turkey Bacon
1 corn on the cobb, cut off the cobb (it's good, don't knock it til you try it!)
1/4 avocado
Spinach leaves

This wrap is so awesome! I LOVE the combination of the grilled chicken with BBQ and the smokiness of the turkey bacon. Then, you get hit with the creaminess of the avocado and sweet crunch of the corn ~ Yup it was everything I was dreaming of and more.

I had a side salad with Annie's Natural's Lowfat Raspberry Vinaigrette.


And because I was still a little hungry, I decided to have one of the WW Cookies n Cream Mini bars (1 pt each & so good!)


My pre-run snack was one of my favorite combinations. I had a small banana stuffed with TJ's Jumbo Raisin Blend and a heaping Tbsp of Naturally More Peanut Butter.


I have mixed emotions about the Naturally More Peanut Butter. I am more of a natural person who loves her nut butters to simply be ground up fresh nuts. While Naturally More does include flax and other good ingredients, I am not sure I get why they add egg whites to the peanut butter? The flavor isn't bad and I LOVE that 2 Tbsp is only 3 pts vs 4 pts, but, I think I still LOVE my TJ's organic pb best.

I will come back later to update my stats and daily calorie summaries.

Ohhhh and be sure to check back tonight as we are having a fabulous new dinner that is cooking in the crockpot as I type. Here is a hint ~ It's going to be a Mexican Fiesta!


  1. What an awesome wrap - did you prepare the chicken and corn before you before work? It looks really satisfying.

  2. Jane ~ I used leftover BBQ chicken that I grilled up for dinner the other night. I love making extra on purpose so I can use it another way the next day. It makes life so much easier.