Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chicken Apple Breakfast Sammie & A Zesty Giveaway!

Today is going to be an absolutely fabulous day! I think I finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of my todo list and that is a great feeling. Plus, the weekend is almost here and that makes almost any day better :)

This weekend when we were on our Whole Foods Adventure I picked up a new product to try, WellShire Natural Chicken Apple Sausage. This product looked amazing on the package, the nutrition specs were good (100 cal, 6 g fat) and all the ingredients were clean (recognizable). Check it out.



Not too shabby, right? I decided to give them a whirl this morning and made up an Egg White Sandwich. I took a Thomas Double Fiber English Muffin toasted with a litttle whipped butter, a layer of fresh spinach, 3 eggwhites w/sea salt, pepper, hot sauce and one of these chicken apple sausages.


I cooked my egg whites in the microwave and they totally fluffed out! I have to say it was pretty cool to have a BIG breakfast sandwich in the morning. I think the sausages are not bad, but, I probably wouldn't buy them again. It could be fun to try to make a home made version of this though as I liked the apple/chicken combo. I think I like the Morning Star or TJ's Veg patties better.

On the side, I had some cantaloupe and some much needed coffee.


Be Sure to check out Zesty's Cool new line of T's and Apron's. All the proceeds go to charity which is awesome! But, if you go here, you can enter for your chance to win yourself a "Go Zesty" T-Shirt and/or Apron.

Must get more coffee now :D

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