Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some days I just love my job.....

This morning my co-worker offered up some of her homemade Banana Nut Chocolate Loaf. I resisted as long as I could before I had it for snack.


It was absolutely divine! I LOVED finding the huge chunks of chocolate and the roasted amazing!

But, then, I received an email that made me have part 2 of my morning snack. I had to participate in an Taste Testing and say which version I liked best and why. Fun!

Shortly after that we were off to lunch at Gillwood's Cafe. I know I am always posting about this place but really, it IS that good and Rachel wanted it for her birthday. You can't arge with a Veggie Burger that looks this amazing.


I had a Veggie burger topped with pepper jack cheese, mushrooms, AVOCADO!, all the veggies on top of a home made bun and a side salad with fat free raspberry walnut vinaigrette. Fabulous and worth repeating EVERYDAY - really. LOL

We made a trip to the post office on the way back to mail out the Annie's Prizes and then it was back to the grind. I can't wait for Cake Time....that is up next.

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