Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cool Finds lunch.....

I did not bring my running rain gear today since it is pouring outside and I didn't plan on it. (boo, hisss!) That's ok though because I still found a way to make my lunch absolutely productive. I went shopping at lunch to pick up all the goodies I need to make up my bake sale package and then some.

When I came back from shopping, I quickly heated up some leftover Fettucine with Shrimp from last night with a few cherry tomatoes tossed on top. I served it up on a bed of steamed organic spinach.


With a side of cantaloupe:


And being one to pretty much never pass up anything avocado like.....I had 1/2 this VEGAN/Gluten Free Avocado Veggie roll my co-worker offered up. OMG ~ This was soooo good....I must remember this the next time I am near the place that sells these.


PAY ATTENTION ALL MY WW FRIENDS ~ Check out this super cool find I picked up while I was out shopping. I am not usually a big fan of treats that are not too clean, but, some things are just worth it. I will take one for the team to try these out for you all. Hello snickers bar ice cream that is only 3 POINTs!!! Don't they look sooooo good! I will definitely be fitting one of these into my day at some point.....it might be a good thing since I will be surrounded by baked stuff.


Did I mention that I am also baking a cake plus cookies tonight for my really good friends birthday tomorrow?! I serioulsy need more time in my day.......

Want to help me make a decision?

She LOVES carrot cake and fruit based cakes and of course anything chocolate. So in my usual fashion, I picked up stuff to make all 3.

Here are the choices - which one do you think I should make?

Banana-Raspberry Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting
2. Carrot Cake Cupcakes
3. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

I already know I am tossing in some Snicker's Surprise Cookies because The Husband requested them since I am baking again (LOL - um, not part of the bake sale package, but, I love him so how do I say now?)

Ok ~ Let me know your thoughts and be sure to check back tonight for more baking fun and a super cool dinner!


  1. The banana raspberry cake sounds incredible!

  2. You can't go wrong with choco chip anything in my opinion!

  3. OMG. That vegan veggie/avo roll looks so good! Where did she get it? (Please say WF, please say WF...)

    watching BL right now...love it!

  4. Hey there, just stopping by your blog..loving it so far! I loveee veggie rolls like that, they are SO good! Will be back soon :)

  5. Wendy ~ I've made this cake before and it is incredible. I LOVE that it is lowfat and light on calories too. I don't feel too guilty that way.

    Jane ~ I KNOW - I LOVE dark chocolate chips especially...it was a tough decision.

    Kirwin ~ It WAS amazing...I got it at Raley's but I know WF makes a version too - you could always ask them to make one this way? I had the shrimp one from their about a week ago.

    Hi Sarah ~ Thanks for the compliment....I look forward to hearing your comments :)