Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eating Reflection & Redirection

This past week made me realize that I have been so scattered, out of balance and just not in my usual routine. And, honestly, I am someone who likes routines. I like getting up early to get energized with some form of exercise - be it a run, circuits or yoga and I like my lunch time walks, runs or what not. It really makes me feel as though I have earned my evening fun whether it is to relax or do something fun. But, I think most important thing of all for me, I like being in control of my eating. I feel like I can truly put my best foot forward to be the best me when I am being good to me. It's like this is the one thing I can control when everything else feels out of control. Does that make sense?

I let myself get spread way too thin this past month and it has really impacted my life. So, beginning today, I told myself it's time to make it back to my routine, back to me.

1. I am going to go back to logging every single BLT (bite, lick, taste), focusing on balance and healthy foods. If I take a bite of something, you all will know about it. I pretty much do this now, but, I think I could improve on it by eating out less and actually eating less. No stress eating or eating because I think I deserve it :D (enter crazy work schedule lately here). Nothing deserves to have that much control over me. I am not going to eat food simply because it is there.

2. I am going back to my lunchtime workouts (except Monday where I have plans already to celebrate my friends lent being over). I will get my day started off right with just 30 minutes in the morning to set my mind for the day with some exercise. Plus, I think I can use the added stress release. This includes that New Year's Resolution of 30 pushups a day I told you all about at the beginning of the month.

3. I will go back to getting enough sleep - it is amazing how much this can impact 1 & 2.

4. I am going to find a little me time each day - to read a magazine (goal of 1 a week), to catch up on my latest book I am reading, and/or simply to organize things or work on my favorite projects around the house.

5. It's time to get back to being true to me...what I want, what I need and to feel good being me. I need to find balance and the way I get there is through my routines.

The reward is TBD....but, I will definitely be planting a "carrot" out there for something to work towards. I always do my best when I am working towards a goal. I think my main motivator is summer and smaller clothes for now, but, have a feeling a vacation or two will be thrown in there too.

I will be focusing on my healthy, clean (CORE/Filling Foods) foods and sticking to a daily Weight Watchers Points Value. Since I am more of a Flexitarian you will see a mix of vegan, vegetarian and protein meals as I do believe in variety and having fun with your food. Plus, I LOVE recipes and making new things.

In my upcoming posts, I will be sure to include my points, calories and my daily Body Bugg Stats.

I weighed in today and will take meausrements tomorrow. I will share my results each week with you too. My goal is to focus on being healthy and to start by losing 10 lbs, beginning today.

I hope you all will stick by me and/or join me in this journey - feel free to pop in and comment to give me ideas or to participate or what not. I would love any feedback you have.


  1. You can do it. I've "seen" you do it before, and I know how strong you are. I'm getting back to basics this week, too. Disney-detox started out well, and then went downhill!

  2. Good luck with your challenge!

  3. Kirwin ~ It's great to hear from you. Thanks for the nice comment and your vote of confidence.

    Emily ~ Thanks for the good luck wishes.

  4. Congratulations on setting realistic and positive goals. You can do it! We'll all help you along the way :) And happy Easter!

  5. Jane ~ That was the nicest comment. Thanks so much for your encouragement and support - I can definitely use it.