Monday, April 6, 2009

Here are my baked goods up for bid today.....You know you want them!!

There are so many fabulous treats in Meghann's Bake Sale, but, I honestly think you need to bid on these!!!!

My Bake Sale Package will include ~ 3 things!!!!

1. 24 Samoa Bars (based on popular vote!)

Home Made Samoas Up Close

2. 24 Moc Tag-A-Longs

Up Close Mock Tag alongs

3. BONUS: Whoever the highest bidder is will be able to select any baked good off my site that I made in the sale or not to have included in their package.

You can see all the baked sale items I made here:

Or another option could be these:

I could also do a customizable item if they had something in mind. I am also giving the winner the option of their choice of chocolate (Dark, Milk, Vegan, White) and would be glad to meet any requests they have.

These fabulous goodies can be yours just stop by the Bake Sale today to bid ~ you have until 9 PM (PST)


  1. i have all the ingrdients to make samoa bars for hubby but haven't had a chance yet! eeek

    your bake sale goods look delish!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I can't wait to hear what you think of them - we loved them. Maybe they could be your post vegan challenge reward?

  3. I think it's soooo amazing that the proceeds from the bake sale are going to charity. What a great way to raise money for a good cause, esp. if you already like to bake!

    Oh and MMMMM samoas ;)

  4. Hi Danica,

    I just found your blog via Meghann's Bake Sale. When I saw your name, I was wondering if it was the one and same from the ECD forum. So awesome that you started your own blog. What a great blog. I will be adding you to my Reader.