Friday, May 15, 2009

The 1 WWP Bagel that TASTES like a bagel!

Happy Friday to me and you!!! LOL. I started off my day with the best news ever ~ I WON ANOTHER COOKBOOK!!!! Yahoo ~ I love that you all help me feed my cookbook addiction. Jenn at Eating Bender hosted a giveaway for PETA's new VEGAN College Cookbook and I won! I am definitely playing Lotto and buying scratchers tonight.

So, here is the funny party. The Husband thinks I have too many cookbooks and I should trade out an old one for each new one I get. Well, can you believe he told me to actually keep this one and it isn't about steak?!? LOL. Oh and I don't have to give any others away - yahoo!

Ok, I'll get onto breakfast since I know you are all wondering about the 1 WWP bagel I had today. I am a HUGE fan of Western Alternative Bagels - they are fairly clean and you get an entire bagel for 110 calories. I have tried 3 of the 4 flavors (Sweet Wheat, Cinnamon Spice, Roasted Onion). I would LOVE to be able to find and buy the blueberry. Each flavor actually TASTES like a real bagel and not all healthy like the "lite" breads do.

This morning I toasted up my bagel and topped one half with 1 Tbsp organic crunchy pb:


And the other half with 1 Tbsp all natural juice sweetened Apricot Preserves:


Along with this I made up a quick smoothie.

1/2 c ff greek yogurt
1 c ff milk
1/4 c strawberries
1/2 small banana


Yesterday when I was running errands, I stopped at Starbuck's and got a Venti Iced Tea. I was all too excited when I saw that they finally came out with an environmentally friendly container for their cold, iced beverages - check it out! I am definitely getting one of these.



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Have a fantastic Friday all! C U L8R :D


  1. I LOVE THOSE BAGELS! so much more bang for your bagel buck.

    congrats on winning!

  2. Oh hubby, a girl can NEVER have too many cookbooks -lol! Congrats on the win!

    I LOVE Western Alt. Bagels! I used to be able to find them in my local Giant and now they no longer carry them :( I really miss them. Guess I gotta order online. You're right, they really do taste like a regular bagel!

    Funny, saw those containers today @ Starbucks when I was getting my Mocha Light Frap. It's become an addiction now :(

  3. Yumm those bagels look great Ooh that is nice to hear about Starbucks. Looks like a nice excuse to treat myself to a latte later!

  4. That's awesome you won the cookbook! I love western alternative bagels, they're great. I saw those cups at Starbucks--cute, and I loved how sturdy they felt!

  5. Thanks for the shoutout for my giveaway!

    Yum, those bagels do sounds great! It's hard to find truly healthy bagels out there.

    Starbuck's is one of my obessions! I love how you can order such healthy and delicious drinks there. That's great that they're becoming a bit more "green"!

    btw, I added you to my blogroll... love the blog! :D

  6. I need to try these bagels now!

  7. those bagels sound too good to be true! Did you find them in the store or have to order them online?!

    so many giveaways! I love it :)

  8. Janetha ~ ME too! How awesome would it be if they had ALL the bagel flavors.....

    Marissa ~ I absolutely agree - it's sort of like him collecting tools, right?! LOL. I was able to find these at Super Walmart - so maybe you could try there?

    Missy ~ Absolutely! Plus it's Friday so you earned a Starbucks all week!

    Anne ~ I agree and I LOVED how they included the straw and look like the real deal.

    Heather ~ I LOVE Starbuck's too. I used to get one daily, but, I've reeled myself in a bit :) There are a ton of healthy options. Thanks for the add, I need to make sure you are on mine too :)

    Caitlin ~ Seriously, you do! I just gave you a project for the weekend!

    Jenny ~ I found them at Super Walmart in the fridge section. I know you can order them online too. Whereever you look, check the fridge and freezer sections because they are not stored with the regular bread. Good luck!