Sunday, May 24, 2009

Plastic Bags are bad.....

I have to say I gained a new respect for concrete workers today. We managed to jackhammer 20 feet (yup, that's it!) into rock pieces, pick them up and haul them away today. This is only like 1/3 of our driveway as our driveway is close to 70 feet long - the concrete is like 6 inches thick. We came to our senses mid afternoon when the concrete guy came by and said he could use his tractor to dig it out and take it away. Checkout my Body Bugg stats for yesterday - this WAS my only workout too.

Calories burned, 3,053
Steps taken, 12,193

We took a break mid day for lunch. My lunch was so tasty and fun with alot of crunch. I decided to give the Tribe Spicy Chipolte Hummus I bought last week a try and made up a BBQ chicken wrap with the leftover BBQ chicken breast.


The nutritional specs are great - LOVE how it is 100% clean and very low cal/fat/WWP - 1 PT a serving.


I LOVE the smoky/spicy flavor the hummus gave my wrap, however, I am still trying to decide how much I liked it on it's own.

This wrap was so simple and easy to make - it's perfect whenever you have leftover chicken to use up.


1 salsa tortilla
2 Tbsp spicy chipolte hummus
2 oz chicken
1/4 avocado
a few slices orange red pepper
a few sliced cherry tomatoes
drizzle of Annie's Swwet & Spicy BBQ sauce

Wrapped up and ready to go!


I had the rest of the orange bell pepper plus some sugar snap peas on the side. (0 WWP)


With some awesome cherries on the side (1 c for 1 WWP)


This definitely hit the spot!

So I have to share with you all something that was truly an awareness moment for me yesterday. When we went to the dumps to take drop our concrete off I learned something new. The dumps use the concrete to cover up/bury everyone's waste. When you looked out over the hills all you saw was ALL these plastic grocery and trash bags and it looked like everything else has bio-dgraded. I know that you can recycyle plastic bags, but, did you know that it takes over 500 years for plastic bags to decompose? Click HERE to read an interesting article about this. This honestly made me want to continue to boy cott plastic bags and use my reusuable grocery bags everywhere.

Ok ~ I'll get off my soap box now and move on to my poker party/BBQ post!

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  1. You jackhammered 20 feet? Is your whole body numb?? :) That was a workout for sure!

    I despise plastic bags and I always try to take my own cloth bags shopping. I also stow a few in the back of my trunk for last minute purchases. When I am at Whole Foods, if I forget my bags, I punish myself and buy new 99 cent bags. It's really helped me remember and I am also apt to give my extras away to friends since it took me a while to catch on! :)

  2. That wrap looks soooo good. I've never tried spicy chipotle hummus, might have to give it a go.

  3. Angelea ~ Noooo!!! The Husband did that part. I tried it one time and didn't like it at all. I became the person doing all the "squats" and "presses" LOL - picking up all the broken pieces and digging them out if needed. Fun times.

    I completely agree with you on plastics. I use my cloth bags everywhere including Target, etc. My goal this year is to try to totally give up Ziploc bags but I am finding that harder to do than I thought. Great idea about the 99 cent bags and passing them along.

    Erica ~ The wrap was awesome - I LOVE BBQ chicken everything and with the smoky spicy hummus - it rocked!

  4. SPICY CHIPOTLE! that looks bomb! i am reading your 11 posts that i missed right now :D

  5. Janetha ~ You are too funny - no worries if you miss a few posts, I LOVE that you are always reading and making such nice comments though. I liked the chipolte ok, but, still thin Sabra Roasted Red Pepper is my favorite.