Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bikini Bootcamp ~ What to expect~ Day 1

I think Ashley at a Healthy, Happier, Bear is jumping on board for the Bikini Bootcamp Challenge ~ Woohoo! She asked for a sample of what is in day one until she can pick up the book. Here is a quick recap for those wondering what my day will look like tomorrow.

Day one Meditation & Workouts:

It starts with the Day's Inspiration:
Journal Writing for 15 minutes
Meditation for 10 minutes
Yoga for 15 minutes
Walking-30 mins to an hour
Circuit Training 38 minutes
Core Strengthening for 20 minutes

I will be doing my meditation & yoga in the morning, cardio at lunch (gym workouts) and circuit training and strengthening for after work. If I have the chance I will fit in walking too, but, I think this is a pretty big list to follow. I want to journal at the end of the day about my day.

Menu for Day One:

Morning Burst: cup of hot water with lemon (each morning starts this way!)
Breakfast: blueberry smoothie
Lunch: Amansala Salad with Grilled Fish (or chicken) w/ginger lime dressing
Snack: Jicama sticks with lime and salt
Dinner: Tortilla-less Tortilla Soup, Chicken Fajitas with black beans Guacamole and Amansala Salsa
Dessert: fruit kebabs

I am not too excited about breakfast (wish it was more) and snack.....but, I will say the menus do get better from here on out. The book does give you a list of healthy snack options to have on hand so you don't starve (apples and such) so I am sure you will see some of them show up or I'll be moving dessert up in my day. A smoothie isn't enough to power through spinning for me.

Spa Treat:

Cooling Cucumber and Honey Scalp Treatment

The book gives you all the recipes, of course. And they try to make things as simple, natural and easy as possible, which I love.

The downsides: time intensive and NO alcohol or chocolate. (not a big thing for me, but, it IS only two weeks!)

So, there you have it! That is how my day 1 is looking.

Any questions so far? Let me know if you want any recipes posted or what not.


  1. I just finished cutting up lemons for tomorrow and we had chicken for dinner, so I had Billy grill up a few more for me for tomorrow and after.

    Can't wait!

  2. Angelea ~ Woohoo! You know I REALLY wanted to grill up chicken (since we had the option), but, I was good and figure I'd start out with fish. I threw mine on the grill while I made my skewers above. My food is all ready to go in the morning and I am thinking I might start out doing a yoga download vs the book for my AM yoga. Good luck, good luck - we are going to do great!

  3. jicama! yuhm. and fish on the menu! you are slowly becoming a fish lover :) i agree i dont think a smoothie would be enough for me at bfast.. smoothies dont tide me over. good luck with your bootcamp! i look forward to seeing how it goes and seeing all the yummy food you make :)

  4. Janetha ~ I am "trying" to like fish. Can you believe I had a choice of fish or chicken today and I picked fish!