Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Layers of Taco Salad Fun!

I think summer is here to stay ~ today our temperatures topped 96 degrees and it definitely felt like it when I walked in the door. I wanted something fast, simple and cool for dinner ~ Out of the options I gave him, The Husband picked one of his favorite meals.

Taco Salad!


Here is a list of all the layers of fun you will need to create your own Taco Salad

Lean Ground Turkey browned with a little red onion & topped with the BEST Taco Seasoning EVER ~ click HERE to make your own using Veggie Terrains - LOVE this stuff! Her Chick Pea Tacos in the picture rock too - that was the first time I used this seasoning!

Red & Yellow bell pepper, chopped
Carrot, thinly sliced
TJ's Fire Roasted Corn
1 scallion, sliced
AVOCADO, sliced
Sprinkle of TJ's Lowfat Mexican Cheese Blend
A dallop of TJ's 0% greek yogurt
Hot Sauce sprinkles
Lundberg Rice Chips, crushed & sprinkled on top

All of the above = LAYERS of fun eating!


MMMMMM ~ Avocado! Oh and The Husband threw on a couple of his Chili Cheese Fritos because he said "they added color" to my picture LOL.


One of my favorite reasons for making this recipe is that I make up a 3rd salad for the next day at the same time for lunch. Only this time, I am using my Vegan Spicy Black Bean Burger (check back tomorrow for pictures and reviews on that!)

Phew ~ my goal was to be finished by 9 pm so I can get in a WHOLE hour of reading before nite, nite time! I am off to read, relax and enjoy the rest of my night! See you all in the AM!


  1. I LOVE taco salad (vegan, of course!), especially when it involves avocado... mmmm! Yours looks great!

    BTW, I've been meaning to ask you, how's the TJ's Fire Roasted Corn? I haven't tried it b/c I'm afraid it'll taste smoky. Do you think it does? Just wondering...

    PS I can't wait to see how the salad turns out with your veggie burgers, too. You keep giving me more ideas to try :)

  2. Oh my goodness, taco salad!! YUM! When I was little we used to have the kind with Doritos and Catalina Dressing, ahhh! I like your healthier version :)

  3. Love the extra 'fritos' color LOL!

  4. I love taco salads, I really don't eat them often enough! I love the variety of ingredients you put in there!

  5. jd ~ Avocado makes everything taste the best! You know the TJ's Fire Roasted Corn is a little smokey tasting so if you don't like that fire roasted flavor, I'd stick to the regular corn. It's just as good! Glad I can give you ideas - you give me them ALL the time :)

    K ~ that sounds fun ~ Doritos, YUM!

    Marybe ~ thanks, ya, he is a clown like that.

    Olga ~ Taco salads are so easy to make a fun! the best part is you can double your protein and make tacos the next day - two for one bonus!