Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vitatop Parfait with Cashew Butter ~ YUM!

I think the best part of this week is that it's only 4 days long! Oh, and I started it off right with one of my new favorite breakfasts of all time thanks to K's Good Eats. I always drool every morning when she makes her VitaTop Parfaits. This morning, I decided to venture out and try my own version.

I broke out another one of my cute sample containers of Artisana Organic Raw Cashew Butter that I received from Premier Organics. This is ONE flavor I KNOW I LOVE - if you love cashews, you will LOVE this - it rocks! I am savoring every bit of my mini container and only used a little for my parfait today.



I found a new way to use my Margarita glasses :D


1 Double Chocolate Vitatop (1 WWP)
1 TJ's organic fat free vanilla bean greek yogurt (2 WWP)
a few sprinkles of fiber one or TJ's Fiber worms or even granola or kashi go lean crunch (0 WWP)
1 heaping Tbsp of Artisana Organic Raw Cashew Butter (1 WWP)

Layer everything back & forth with the cashew butter being dabbed on top = 4 Weight Watcher Points of Heaven!


OMG ~ This was absolutely amazing! K - you are a genius! Why didn't I try this out sooner?! I made sure I got a little bit of vita-goodness and cashew butter in EVERY bite.


Since I know you all want to work about as much as me, I thought I'd give you a little entertainment for today in the form of GIVEAWAYS!!!

* Amanda is having another awesome giveaway of Vegan "Heart" Thrive Energy Bars. Click HERE to enter.

* Hangry Pants is giving away Element Bars - they look amazing, like a Lara Bar ++. Click HERE to enter.

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My favorite VEGAN/VEG site, Veggie Terrain made some rockin' cheeseless VEGAN flat bread pizzas - you should totally check them out by clicking HERE....I LOVE cheese, but, these definitely make me want to add THIS to my meals for this week - Thanks JD!

Be sure to check back later as I have a rockin' new VEGAN recipe for lunch today!


  1. WOW! Is this a breakfast post or a dessert post. That looks so good.

    BTW, how do like cashew butter compared to almond butter? I've never tried CB, since I'm so in love with AB.

    What's for lunch? What's for lunch?!! ; )

  2. Wow! So that pretty much looks incredible. Yum! I need to get me some vitatops and try these parfaits!

  3. Oh my gosh! I am so so so so so sorry I haven't been commenting! My reader wasn't updating your blog :(

    Glad you liked the parfait!! I'm out of Vitas now so I need to stock up! I love mashing mine all up after I take the picture, tastes like cheesecake!

    Alright, now I'm off to go read every entry I missed!

  4. Mmmm... I would definitely add bananas to that! I think bananas make everything yummy :) I wonder if I could get vitatops anywhere around here.

  5. i think i may have died and gone to heaven.. vitas and nut butters are soulmates! I'm convinced :)

  6. Wow looks like you had a super BBQ weekend! We went to one yesterday but I forgot my camera. It was so much fun though and I made deviled eggs and marinated beef kabobs.

  7. dang parfait action! love it, i need to have one tomorrow...

  8. Awesome parfait Danica!!! That's my kind of snack! :)

    I thought I should let you know, I contacted Artisana because I thought the calorie content sounded quite high per serving, and they told me that the samples are incorectly labeled. There are actually 2 tbsp per each mini jar and the nutrition is for 2 tbsp. All the better to enjoy them! ;)

  9. Yum! I've been making parfaits for ages, but yours looks way better than any I've ever made!

  10. Kirwin ~ You are too funny, but, I know this breakfast involves almost ALL your favorite. I LOVE cashew butter. If you like cashews, it tastes just like them - super creamy and sweet. It's a nice change from almond butter.

    Anne ~ Vitatops are fun and you can eat them one at a time.

    K ~ No worries - thanks for the idea! I did mass it all together after my picture :)

    Jess ~ OOOHHH, I like the banana idea. I'll have to try that next time!

    Jenny ~ Try it, you'll love it!

    Cookie ~ Fun, I am off to check your site now!

    Janetha ~ after you loved it, I knew I had to try it.

    Health ~ You know I thought the same thing about the mini jars and almost measured them out. Thanks for the heads up, glad I am portioning out my small samples into two to make them last :) LOL

    Chickpea ~ Me either, it was fun to make, take pictures of and of course eat!