Thursday, May 14, 2009

Get Popped!!!

I have been looking forward to doing some Pop Chip sampling ALL day long! Pop Chips rock for so many reasons especially if you are looking for a healthy alternative to chips and something that gives you ALOT of salty crunchy satisfaction.

Pop Chips fit into my "clean eats" category as they are all natural and you can recognize EVERY ingredient on the package. They are not fried or baked, but, they are Popped! That alone should make you want to try them - I bet it's fun to watch them being made.

I have to confess The Husband and I first tried these when they first came out and we fell in LOVE with the BBQ version. I knew going into this sampling that was by all means my FAVORITE flavor. He ALWAYS picks Pop Chips over regular chips and to me that says alot!

There are 3 different package sizes I've seen so far. There is the Hungry Girl Snack Packs that I picked up at the book signing. These are so cute and 50 calories/1 WWP.


The second size are the next up and the samples I received yesterday. The entire bag is 100 calories and 2 WWP - you have to LOVE that! I started out with testing the Cheddar Flavor as this is a new to me flavor.


YUM!!! This might just be my second most favorite flavor (aside from BBQ). They remind me a little of cheesy popcorn, but, better. I do think they strongly resemble the flavor of Pringles without all the funky ingredients and fat. The Husband LOVED this flavor too and actually stole the plate after I had just a few chips.

The third size is the size you will find in stores. It contains 3 servings - so it's honestly not all that bad if you eat the entire thing! :) Ok, well, I am just saying....if that happens LOL

Today at lunch you saw the Sour Cream and Onion Flavor. I was nice and shared this one with my co-workers.


We all agreed that we liked the Pop Crunch, however, the onion flavor was a bit overpowering. I think if you are a true Sour Cream and Onion fan this is the flavor for you.

If you are looking to buy Pop Chips, I have been able to find them at my local grocery store (Raley's & Bel Air), Safeway & Trader Joe's sells them under the Trader Joe's label. I have also seen the original flavor being sold in a JUMBO size bag (the 4th size) at Costco. You find them all in the chip section next to all their unhealthy friends :D

Pop Chips seriously rock - they really ARE as good as everyone says, if not better. I still have more flavors to sample, but, I can tell you now if you are at the store be sure to check out Original, BBQ and Cheddar for sure!

If you are looking to score some FREE Pop Chips, be sure to check out my HG Snack Pack Giveaway by clicking HERE.

Have I convinced you all yet that it's time to "Get Popped"? This post made me want to test out some more Pop Samples lol.....


  1. I've been dying to try these, but I can't find them in any stores. Are they available online?

  2. Broccoli Hut

    Yes! You can order them online at by going here.

    And here is a link for all the stores that carry them:

    Good luck and let me know if you find them!

  3. pop chips are absolutely amaing.. my favorite is the bbq flavor - ah, to die for!

  4. Jenny ~ I think so too! Although, you might have to check out cheddar - they rock too! I LOVE how they are not greasy and you still get the BBQ finger tips :)