Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Black Bean, Corn, Avocado Burritos

Lunch today was absolutely delicious and so simple to make. I actually cooked up the beans this morning and threw all the toppings in my bag for quick lunchtime aseembly.


I used The Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start recipe for making up my black beans. You can get the recipe by clicking HERE. The only change I made was to used TJ's Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Green Chiles for an added kick and smokiness. Each Burrito turns out to be around 4 WWP each ~ 200 calories - yahoo!

Start out by scooping ~ 1/2 c of your black bean mixture onto your tortilla with 2 Tbsp lowfat mexican cheese blend.


Layer on your remaining toppings. I used Trader Joe's Tomatoless Corn Salsa (it rocks!), tomatoes, green onions cilantro and 1/8 of an avocado. Make it VEGAN by using Soy Cheese (Love veggie shreds pepperjack!) or omitting the cheese entirely. You could add some grilled chicken to give it some more bulk for those meat eaters too!


Seriously - look how good this looks - Yum! It really DID taste THAT good and was full of flavor. I am going to freeze some for future use.


I made up a quick salad with romaine, cherry tomatoes and cucumber on the side for some veggies with about 1 Tbsp of Newman's Own Lite Lime Vinaigrette - LOVE this stuff!


All together with some Penguin Fizzy Water - it was an awesome light and filling lunch for about 6 WWP!


This afternoon we broke into the Bolani Bread and Spreads for snack. I had this x's 3. I also might have had a slice of that Pecan Swirl bread since we were all sharing :D


It was definitely alot better than the planned ff cottage cheese with banana and pecans.

I cannot wait for the Biggest Loser Finale to begin - I've been counting down ALL day long! I am off to get in a great workout and make dinner before show time! Catch you all later!


  1. everything looks great! I can't wait for the finale tonight - i haven't been watching this season but I do love the finale - so inspiring!

    ooooh i can't wait til u host a 200 under 200 giveaway, that book seemed intriging - I received the HG cookbook at my bridal shower last summer :) cute!

    I was curious - how hard would it be to do WW as a vegan? I dont really know how many points thigns are - I've been learning from my aunt (she lost 40lbs) and my mother in law just started and has lost 8lbs and counting now. its interesting.

    I especially love that the 3 egg white fluffie is only 1WWP!!! I've been eating some of those to get some of the protein up in my diet, its not vegan, but I felt I needed it. yummm!!!

    I calculated how many points I would be allowed: only 20! thats like 5 per meal with two 2.5pt snacks. LOL tho I guess I would have to calculate myt activity points since I workout alot so that would add *some* points on.

    just curious :) I love how great WW is, super proud of my aunt for losing 40lbs!

    p.s. you and your hubby are the CUTEST ever. serioiusly

    how many points is annie's mac n cheese? bwahahaha! :)

  2. ohh i am getting fun ideas from your pictures!! i'm not sure i could follow a diet plan specifically, but i'm loving the ideas

  3. ok,I am totally making this. so awesome thanks

  4. yum, those burritos look fantastic!

  5. Sarah ~ Ok - you are too cute! Seriously. Thanks for the awesome post. Here go my answers:

    - I LOVE BL and never miss a show. But, it is also sort of the only show I really watch religiously. I go through withdrawals when it isn't one.

    - I will be hosting some HG Giveaways soon - Maybe by tomorrow night, need a chance to recover from my late nights first :) LOL

    - You could totally do WW as a Vegan or Veganish or even Vegetarian. In fact you are lucky because several vegan foods are low fat/low cal if you stick to healthy all natural stuff like you do. Most vegetables are 0 pts, fruits are 1 pt - major building blocks, right? LOL. They do have handouts at meetings for the vegetarians, but, I'd be happy to help you figure any of it out - I have pretty much done WW my whole life so my brain is a walking database of pts and such :)

    - Congrats to your aunt - that's awesome - you both should be so proud of her!! WTG!!!

    - You can use earn as many activity points as you want each day but you shouldn't eat more than 4 unless doing major exercise (i.e. marathoning, etc). This is basically so you do not consume all the extra calories burned off. That being said - enter Weekly Points Allowance (WPA) - you get 35 extra points each week to use as you please. Some people use them each day (add 5 a day) or save them up and use them for one big event or let your body guide you and use them as needed.

    - Thanks - Hubby rocks and makes us look good - love him.

    - Annie's Mac & Cheese is 5 pts a serving and an entire box is 12 pts.

    * RunToFinish ~ It has been challenging to specifically follow everything you eat on the entire diet plan. I'd say I follow it about 80% for exactly what to eat but focus on trying to keep my calories the same. I agree - LOVE all the ideas.

    * Kristi ~ I can't wait to hear what you think. It's so easy and I bet it gets better the next day as the spices marinate.

    * Olga ~ they were fantastic - you should definitely try them.

  6. Danica-looks delicious. I was pondering what to have for dinner tonight and we happen to have the ingredients needed for this, so I'm off to make it right now!

    Off topic, but I love your About Me picture. How gorgeous!

  7. Angelea ~ I can't wait to hear what you think of the burritos. Thanks - that is one of my favorite wedding pictures of us. You can see all of them by clicking under pictures and going to the "picture organized" post.