Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Copies of Hugnry-Girl's "200 under 200" & $1K

I realized I missed out on some FUN NEWS for you all this morning so I needed to make sure to send some love your way!

Extra! TV is giving away 10 FREE copies of Hungry-Girl's new book - 200 under 200. Click HERE to enter.

Even better - You can win $1,000 in free groceries and/or 1 of 20 FREE Copies of Hungry-Girl's new 200 under 200 book. Serious - who couldn't use $1,000!!! Click HERE for all the details on this contest.

Good luck everyone! I will be putting up one of my first HG Giveaways soon - by tomorrow! Yeah!


  1. Danica-I made the black bean burritos for dinner and they were great! Pictures on my blog. Your corn idea was great, I added mine into the pot as it was cooking.

  2. Angelea ~ You are welcome! I am so glad you made them and liked them. I am off to check it out now!