Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Heart Wafflewiches!

Why is it that short, 4-day work weeks seem LONGER than 5-day work weeks?! I woke up this morning wishing it was Friday only to remember it was Thursday. I am sure the morning will fly by as I can't wait to go to BODY PUMP at lunch!!!

To get things started this morning, I made a BIG wafflewich! I LOVE wafflewiches becuase they truly do feature ALL of my favorite things.

You start off with TWO toasty and warm Kashi Strawberry Flax Protein Waffles (3 WWP). Top one sid with 1 Tbsp freshly ground almond butter (2 WWP) and the other side with 1 Tbsp all natural apricot preserves (1 WWP).


Layer on 1/2 a slice banana (1 WWP), plus a few sliced strawberries and a sprinkle of blueberries.


Sprinkled with a little unsweetened organic unsweetened coconut (0 WWP).



These leaves you with TWO awesome waffle halves just waiting to be "smushed" together.


Carefully flip one on top of the other, gently pressed them together and cut the wafflewich in half ~ Tadahhh! You have an amazingly fun, tasty breakfast to eat that is beyond words good!


This breakfast completely hit the spot. I had to share with you the cover of one of my FAVORITE Magazines that arrived last night. How GOOD do those CLEAN Chocolately Oat Ice Cream Sandwiches look?!


There are soooo many good recipes in this months issue that I am definitely going to be making some ASAP! I'll be sure to share all the ones I try, including those homemade ice cream sandwiches!!!

P.S. I LOVE how they talk like me in using "BEST EVER" ~ The Husband always teases me saying I use that too much LOL.


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Coming up NEXT ~ My GNU Bar Giveaway!!!!


  1. your wafflewich looks great. and I have never heard of Clean Eating I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Haha I love those wafflewiches! They look so darn good! And it's so cute how you arranged your fruit on top... it makes them so much more fun to eat.

  3. How do you think up these breakfasts? Yesterday I mixed my 2 cereals, cheerios and fiber one clusters, and ate w/ bananas and strawberries! I was totally mimicking you, and from the looks of it I'll have to do it again!

  4. I haven't tried that flavor of Kashi but the heart to heart ones are superb!! I'll have to pick up the strawberry ones next time!

  5. that wafflewich is glorious! it has all the good stuff!!

    you gotta make the oatmeal sandwich ice cream things and post! must must must.

    i think i am about to go on an entering escapade!

  6. Erica ~ It is honestly one of the BEST magazines I think. You can check it out by going to

    Marybe ~ It really WAS good - wish I had another for snack! :D

    Health ~ it is so much more satisfying to me to have it stuffed full of fruit than to have just two lonely waffles sitting there on a plate.

    Jess ~ That is funny! I LOVE it....keep on mimicking away. I usually come up with whatever I am craving - this morning it was waffles and almond butter....then it was ok, how can I make it a big healthy and picture friendly breakfast.

    K ~ I haven't tried the h2h ones, hmmm, now I'll have to look out for them. I also heard they have BLUEBERRY - I am all over finding that one next.

    Janetha ~ I will for sure! Good luck on your escapade!