Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Naan Pizza Goodness

Tonight for dinner I wanted something light and something fast. I was completely game when The Husband said he'd even help make it - woohoo!! I knew I was going to use the Whole Grain Naan Bread that I picked up this weekend. We pondered ideas of just having it with the leftover White Bean & Bacon Soup With Pesto or making Pizza....which on do you think won? I know - it's a tough choice, LOL! We used the entire pack of Naan Bread and made up two of these pizza rounds.

Naan Turkey Pepperoni, Olive, Mushroom Pizza


Naan Bread (3 pts for 1/2 a bread)
Your favorite Pizza Sauce (0 pts for most)
Lowfat Mozzarella (2-3 pts per serving)
Sauted Mushrooms (0 pts)
Sliced Olives (1 pt)
Turkey Pepperoni (17 pieces are only 2 pts!)

We baked the pizzas at 400 for 7 minutes - so easy, right? The best part is that I got The Husband to eat wheat pizza crust again - yahoo! He is totally anti-wheat.

While I made up the pizzas, he decorated our salads. He was soooo proud of himself for making it picture perfect. I think he did a great job - check it out.


And he used the super cute bowl he bought me for Easter.


All together I had 2 pieces of our Naan Pizza (1/2 a bread)


plus a big salad with ~ 1 1/2 Tbsp Annie's Naturals Lite Italian Dressing with a fizzy water and vitamins (that The Husband put out for us).


This dinner was awesome - light and filling at the same time. I LOVE Naan bread now - it was crunchy and doughy and chewy. It really made the pizza so tasty just like a real pizza place. I will definitely use Naan to make pizza again. I LOVE using pitas too but this is another FUN option.

Did I mention that I was also able to get The Husband to go to the grocery store with me? I did have to bribe him with Lotto and Scratchers. While we were there, I had to feed my flip flop addiction! I have way too many pairs of flip flops, but, seriously, can a girl have enough flip flops? Check out how cute these are and they were only $7!


Do you all remember the Holey Donut Party I went to last week? Well, Holey Donuts is having FREE SHIPPING for the next 48 hours if you were pondering ordering any. You still have to buy a minimum of 4 things, but, that can save you a good chunk of change.

On that note....I am off to work on my Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start Review.


  1. The pizza looks amazing!!! I'll have to check out some turkey pepperoni!

  2. Mmm naan pizzza looks soo good! Love those shoes too :)

  3. I love naan, there is always at least one packet of wheat naan in my freezer at any given point. Oddly enough, I've never considered using it as a pizza base before. (Maybe that's the Indian in me?) :) This looks fantastic though, I'm definitely going to try this out sometime.

  4. what a genius idea using naan as a pizza crust! I know they have different flavors - i'm thinking garlic naan would be fabulous for pizza!

  5. Niki ~ The Turkey Pepperoni is so good - it tastes just like the real deal. The Husband says he cannot even tell the difference so that is a true meatlovers testimony lol.

    Healthyontherun ~ Thanks, I LOVE pizza and flipflops.

    Felish ~ Wow, I'd be eating naan all the time if I had it around. This was my first time trying it and I am hooked.

    Jenny ~ Ohhhhh - garlic naan pizza, now you are talking!

  6. ohhh pizza on the brain. i might have to make some. i LOVE turkey pepperoni! its so good for ya too!

    cute flip flops!

  7. ooh, that pizza looks terrific! I definitely have to fins some Naan bread now!

    Your husband definitely did a nice job on the salads-- they look great :D

    Cute flip flops, too!

  8. Janetha ~ The Naan Bread makes an amazing pizza crust and it goes so well with the turkey pepperoni - you have to try it!

    Anne ~ Thanks! He was so proud of the salads.