Friday, May 8, 2009

A "Kashi" Kind of Pizza Night

Tonight I decided that the chicken, sweet potato and green beans on the Jump Start Menu just didn't appeal. The Vanilla Poached Pear did for sure, but, I am not sure if I am going to be doing any more cooking tonight.

Tonight's dinner was fast and incredibly tasty. I will be the first to admit I am a Pizza Snob! I LOVE homemade pizza and pizza from good restaraunts. I can usually take or leave frozen pizza - in all honesty, most of them are just not worth the calories for what you get. That was until Kashi came along.....

I have been so excited to try these two new thin crust pizzas. They have two other flavors (Mushroom Trio & Spinach & Mexicali Black Bean) that I think I need to add to the to try list.

The first pizza to hit the oven was the Margherita ~ Tomato + Basil = LOVE!


Are you ready for this ~ You get 1/3 of the ENTIRE PIZZA for 250 Calories!!! Did I mention it's just 5 WWP's as well?


Coming out of the package it looks pretty much like most frozen pizzas with a super thin wood fired crust.


However, when it comes out of the oven - it's a whole other story! The smell alone makes you want to dig in right then.


The second pizza that went into the oven at 400 degrees for only 7 minutes was the Roasted Vegetable Pizza.


The nutrition stats are awesome once again ~ this one is only 10 calories more ~ 260 Cal for 1/3!


This one is a little less pretty coming out of the box. I sort of thought, wow, they don't splurge on too many veggies :o)


It looks so much better when it comes out of the oven all hot and cheese bubbling.


Are you ready to see what 1/3 of EACH pizza looks like? I decided on 2 slices (2/3's) that I cut into 4 pieces to "trick" my brain into thinking it was THAT much!


Awesome!!! We BOTH absolutely LOVED these pizzas. Seriously - they do not even come close to tasting like a frozen pizza or even a healthy pizza. The ingredients are fairly clean as well and I LOVE that you get protein plus fiber plus Omega's with your seven grain whole crust. The Husband even raved about this and he usually is the first to tell me I used wheat crust!

I will definitely buy these and the other Kashi flavored pizzas again. You could pair it with a nice green salad for a completel meal. I was surpisingly content and didn't eat any salad (I had salad at lunch so it's ok, right?!) :)

My afternoon snack was less exciting. I had the other serving of my homemade applesauce with 4 almonds in one of my super cute new bowls!


With 2 oz of lean ham/turkey rolled up.


I also made up my strength training workout that I missed out on last night.

3 sets of each:

* Bent-over row
* Chest Press
* Tricep Extentions
* Overhead Press

Plus today's Mobility & Body Weight Exercises held for a minute each or 16 reps x 2
* Toe Touch Reach
* Plank
* Cobra
* Opposite Arm & Leg Reach
* Bridge

* I owe my 100 crunches for today but forgot. I will make them up for tomorrow (to date 700/3100 and counting!)

Followed by static stretching: chest, lower back, shoulders, triceps, biceps

Phew! I am off to relax with The Husband and enjoy my night. See you all tomorrow!


  1. I'm basically convinced Kashi can't mess anything up! All of the food I've tried by them have been amazing!!

  2. yum i LOVE those pizzas. i buy them and then add my own extra toppings of grilled chicken or turkey pepperoni for more protein. the crust is super good.

    oh and i saw your comment about the book signing, SERIOUSLY that would be so rad! i would be so stoked on that! let me know your paypal and i will send you some $$$ for the book!!!

  3. I like the Kashi pizza's too but my favorites are the Archer's Farms brand. They have similar NI and have a big variety.

  4. Like you, I never feel like frozen pizza is worth it, but now you have me wanting to try these! Good to know that 1/3 is only 5 POINTS! Thanks!

  5. oh i haven't tried the kashi pizza's yet, I'll have to check them out

  6. Healthyontherun ~ You know what, you are right, I LOVE just about Kashi everything! I like that I don't have to worry about "what's in it" and worry that it's all chemicals.

    Janetha ~ Ohhhh good idea! I will definitely have to do that next time. I need your snail mail addy to send you the book :o)

    Beadie ~ I will definitely have to check out the Archer Farm's brand - that is good to know.

    Marisa ~ It was awesome seeing my plate and having "4 slices - my two cute in 1/2". I Like the idea of adding extra toppings.

    Runtofinish ~ Yes, check them out. they are perfect for those days you don't have time to cook and want something easy. They do not taste frozen pizza like at all.