Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Grande Finale ~ Final Jump Start WI

Happy Hump Day all! I am free, I am free ~ I successfully finished the 30-day Biggest Loser Jump Start plan with my final weigh in and measurements this morning. Drum roll please.....this week I lost 1.6 lbs, bringing my grand total weight loss to 5.2 lbs with a total of 4.25 inches lost all around my body!!! You know, I am pretty happy with this number because hello it's down and it's in the right direction. I enjoyed the processed and some treats along the way, yet, never felt deprived. But, more on my thoughts on the book, etc, coming up in my BOOK REVIEW tonight!

This morning for breakfast, I have to admit, I was a bit lost ~ like, wow, I have to think about what to eat. Yet, at the same time, I was like WOW - what do I want to have - this and that and that LOL.

I ended up deciding a simple breakfast that started with 1 WWP bowl full of farmer's market strawberries.


I was completely craving almond butter - I knew without a doubt, this would be part of today's plan. I had 2 Kashi Strawberry Flax waffles with 1 Tbsp freshly ground almond butter


and 1 Tbsp natural apricot preserves.


All smoothed together to make a 6 WWP wafflewich - how I missed my wafflewiches!


We didn't have any water at work this morning so someone was nice enough to bring in big jugs of Starbuck's coffee ~ yeah! I filled up my cool cup with some 1/2 decaf and 1/2 hot water since it was soooo thick and strong. And my "empty" Nathan Bottle. This breakfast totally hit the spot.


How cool are the Sonoma Crisps Peeps? Not only has Hikari started an awesome blog that is FUN to read, she posted an awesome post today about my Sonoma Crisps Review!!! Click HERE to check it out ~ My blogging friends - Be sure to check it out and read all the way to the bottom! Thanks so much Hikari - you're awesome beyond words!



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Ok ~ That should keep you all busy for awhile! I am so glad the week is half over and we are on the downhill side towards our LONG weekend ~ Yeah! Catch you all later today.


  1. oh excellent post of food...except now I'm friggin hungry

  2. hmm the naughty sample link won't work..wonder if you ahve to be amemeber

  3. Runtofinish ~ thanks, it was such a GOOD breakfast!

    I just fixed the link - you should be able to click and get your naughty stuff now.

  4. danica!! wahoo! great results! and you know that weight will stay off because it was at a steady, healthy pace and not some drastic water weight losing scheme. you lost it in a healthy way and that is just AWESOME! good for you girl!

    love the wafflewich!

    and thanks for the giveaway links, it's been awhile for me! i may have to go enter

  5. Congrats, Danica!

    I can't believe that 30 days have flown by already!

    And you know I think that wafflewich looks superb!

  6. I <3 wafflewhiches!!!!!!!

    kashi has a strawbery flax waffle?!!!!! I believe I keep getting mad b/c kashi waffles contain dairy/milk ingredients - boohiss! I ,3 kashi waffles

    how many points is the wafflewhich?

    my mil says 1.5C strawberries is 1wwp right?

  7. Congrats on your loss! That is terrific!

    A wafflewich?? I'm in love!

  8. congrats on he loss girl!!! I am so proud of you - thats awesome!

  9. Congrats on the weight loss!! Those strawberries look so fresh and good!! I love those Walmart samples too! I check back there every day!

  10. hey girl! thanks SO much for all the advice on my last post :) and for all the tips on the free samps!!

  11. Definitely my favorite way to eat Kashi waffles. Hooray for nut butters!! YUM!

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  12. Hey Danica! I can't wait for your review of the Biggest Loser diet! Those are pretty good results for doing things the healthy way. Did you exercise too, or just follow the diet?


  13. Hi Danica!!

    Congratulations on your steady weight loss! I've done several diets too, and I know for sure that real dieting is a change of lifestyle, and the changes are not drastic - but long lasting!! It sounds like you're heading in a GREAT direction! yay to you!

    Oh, and Thank you for mentioning me in the blog!! More motivation to update..=)

  14. First of all, Congrats.
    Second of all, I want to thank you for following my blog and being such an amazing follower with wonderful comments.
    Your site rocks and you are inspiration.

  15. Yummy love the strawberries and the waffles!

  16. Janetha ~ Thanks - I do agree with you - it will definitely stay off because I did it the healthy way. Ohhhh, good luck in the contests, but, I want to win too LOL.

    Angelea ~ Thanks, I thought the same thing - 30 days is really fast, but, maybe it's because I enjoyed it too?

    Sarah ~ Hmmmm, i wonder if anyone makes a VEGAN waffle....that would be awesome. I know you can make your own and all but still - it would be nice. My wafflewich is 6 WWP but totally filling and worth it. Yup, a whole 1 1/2 cups is 1 WWP - yahoo!

    Marisa ~ Thanks and the wafflewich is totally something you need to try out :)

    Jenny ~ Thanks so much for being my personal cheer leader :)

    Missy - Thanks, I am totally addicted to the Walmart Free Samples too - it's fun to keep a steady stream of free stuff coming in the mail :) LOL

    KK ~ Thanks so much!

    Julie ~ No problem, glad I was able to give some advice :)

    Jess ~ I really tried to follow the book as much as I could. I followed about 80% of their eating and exercise plans. However, I am sure if you followed it 100% you'd get even better results.

    Hikari (Sonoma) ~ Thanks for the congrats - I absolutely agree with you on changing your lifestyle. Your blog post made my day, I couldn't miss out on sharing that :)

    Miranda ~ Thanks, that was just the nicest comment. Your eats always look amazing and I LOVE your blog too :)

    Priyanka ~ Strawberries + waffles + almond butter = the perfect start to the day, don't they?!