Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lazy Sunday Morning....

Today feels like such a lazy day, but, it a good way. I slept in, woke up to some awesome Organic Fair Trade Decaf Coffee, caught up on blogging and had a fabulous breakfast. Although it's now 11 and that is ALL I've done :)

This morning I decided to give on of my new Artisana Nut Butters a try. I picked the Organic Pecan with Cashews because, seriously, doesn't that combo just sound amazing.


They should seriously sell these little samplers as a set. Each one contains the perfect 1 Tbsp serving. The nutritionals are a little higher because pecans are a more calorie dense and fattier nut. I LOVE how it only contains raw nuts, exactly how a nut butter should be. Each 1 Tbsp serving is 5 WWP (yes, a little high, but sooooo worth it!).


I think one of the biggest things I LOVE about these nut butters is that the old does not separate from the nut. They are super creamy and rich but not oily tasting. I topped my Thomas Double Fiber Whole Wheat English Muffin (1 WWP) with my entire 1 Tbsp container.


So amazing! You get the rich nuttiness of the pecan flavor with a hint of sweetness from the cashews. I think the cashews help to make it creamy too. It is definitely a nice change from almond and peanut butters ~ I highly recommend checking out this flavor if you are lookikng for something new to try.

I had a big cup of my farmer's market blueberries for 1 WWP as well.


All together with the Sunday newspaper ads ~ it was the perfect start to my day (for 7 WWP)!



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I am off to stop being lazy now ~ laundry, plan meals and shop for the week and do all that fun grown up stuff.

Catch you all later ~ Have an awesome Sunday!


  1. I had blueberries for breakfast, too...perfect! :-)

  2. That nut butter HAD to be my favorite of the samples... so rich and delicious! I was definitely wishing I had a full container of that one.

    Loving that start bowl! Too cute! Enjoy your relaxing day!

  3. mmm love those blueberries! I love relaxing Sundays! They're the best :)

  4. Love the star dish, that is super cute. You know, I have come to realize half the meals you make look so appetizing simply because of presentation. I need to start doing that! I imagine it makes meals all the more enjoyable.

    Hope you're having an awesome 3-day weekend!

  5. Emily ~ Blueberries are sooo good this time of year!

    Health ~ It is really rich. I think that could be a good thing though because you wouldn't over eat it.

    Olga ~ it was so nice to relax even though I felt like I should be doing something else.

    Jess ~ Thanks, The Husband got it for me - it's one of my favorites. I try to make my meals look good so they are fun to eat. It really helps your brain enjoy it more and feel fuller. My weekend is good so far - hope yours is great too!