Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo All!!!!

Hola, Como Estas? Muy Bien, y tu? Just kidding.....I won't torture you all and do my whole post in spanish. Wow, I wonder if I'd even remember enough from my 4 years of spanish and 1 month in South America to be able to type it......

I was soooooo excited for my breakfast this morning and couldn't wait to dig in. It wasn't anything fancy, but, it was absolutely awesome!

It started out with one of my new TJ's 0% Greek Yogurts - This time I picked Vanilla. I was soooooo happy when I saw it had actual vanilla beans in it ~ check out all the vanilla bean goodness.


Next, I added a small sliced organic banana and 3/4 cup of TJ's Lowfat Granola with almonds - seriously who doesn't LOVE granola with almonds.


Every bite was seriously like having dessert - this is one of my absolute favorite Biggest Loser 30 day Jump Start Breakasts yet!!!


I washed it all down with some Cinnamon Vanilla Nut Decaf Coffee that I got at Target - seriously this stuff is amazing even for coffee snobs like me :) LOL. And of course, my new Nathan Spill Proof Bottle!



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It's Biggest Loser night too - yahoo! I asbolutely cannot wait! Tonight is the last show before the finale and we get to pick the top 3 contestants - go GREEN!!!!

I have to ask ~ How many of you have your cell phone ringers set to "Tequilla" for Cinco De Mayo???


  1. Mmm, those vanilla flecks DO look good. Was it as good as it looks? As good as Fage??

    I need to go check out the Annie's site and make my favorite selection. I've never had annie's mac and cheese.

  2. Kirwin ~ It really was because no agave was needed. It was think and creamy and very real vanilla tasting. I can't wait to see what mac & cheese you pick out :)

  3. That yogurt looks really good. I wish they had Trader Joes in Florida!!

  4. Fit Foodie ~ I do not know what I'd do without a TJ's or a comparable. What I can tell you is that TJ's actually puts their label on a lot of brands (vs making it themself) so I'll see if I can find out the brand for you. Then, it's all the same :)