Thursday, May 21, 2009

Running behind......but getting caught up

Wow, I can't believe it's almost lunchtime and I still haven't shared my breakfast with you all. Today has been one of those crazy busy days from the time I got up. I was rushing around the house, traffic was insane and work has been good, but, busy, busy. I think I caught up on all your comments too - yeah! I am soooo ready for the LONG weekend and can't wait for tomorrow!

You all will be proud of me ~ We are having a big work BBQ tomorrow that is catered by a local BBQ place. I ordered a Veggie Burger because I felt it would be the safest, low cal option - yahoo! I'll be sure to share all the fun details tomorrow AM.

Breakfast this morning was awesome if I do say so myself. I started off with a warm, toasted piece of the Pecan Swirl Bread I got at last week's Farmer's Market. I made sure to slice it up and freeze it so I can enjoy it for awhile. It is 3 WWP a slice - such a bargain! I LOVE the cinnamon filling and the roasted pecans.


I made up a quick 3 WWP smoothie to wash it all down.


1/3 c TJ's Fat Free Greek Yogurt
1/2 c FF Milk (although Almond Breeze would have been awesome here!)
4 strawberries
1 small banana
1 Tbsp ground flax seed

It was so creamy and fruity! I LOVE smoothies when it starts to warm up.

My mid-morning snack rocked as well. I tried a new KIND Bar ~ Almonds & Apricots in Yogurt!


I LOVE that these bars are handmade and packed with wholesome, CLEAN ingredients. I LOVED the nuttiness of the roasted almonds with the apricots and the sweet, vanilla yogurt. I normally will not spend more than 4 WWP on a bar, however this bar is worth the entire 5 WWP. It filled me up and didn't leave me wanting more which is a huge thing for bars and me.

I came across a great article this morning while perusing the latest recipes. It's about training your brain to think like a thin person. Click HERE to check it out.

Do you all have anything fun planned for the long 3-day weekend? We are pondering ideas - so far The Husband said he wants to go Gold Panning and on a picnic - that should be a fun one to pull off!

Be sure to check back later today as I am going to be announcing my next Giveaway - yeah!


  1. Great choice with the veggie burger! Work events can be tough sometimes with eating healthy! That bread looks amazing!

  2. That pecan bread looks great! And those Be Kind bars are AMAZING!!! I've never seen them with the yogurt though... I'll have to look for them!

    Thanks for the advice on the treadmill walking you commented about on my blog! I'll definitely use it for my own running. :)

    Can't wait to hear about the giveaway!

  3. Hooray for the veggie burger choice! I love the pecan bread...looks so yummy.

    We have Riverfest going on this weekend, so we want to go check it out and see a concert. Great bands playing....B-52's, Willie Nelson, Buddy Guy. Good times.

    Other than that, we just got some garden boxes in, so we'll be assembling, mixing soil and planting!

  4. Hope the veggie burger is good!! I am in love with that pecan bread - I'll take any leftovers ;)

    I haven't tried that KIND but I'm going to have to give it a go now! Hope the rest of your day wasn't too crazy!!

  5. Missy ~ It's so true and they are getting BBQ with all the fatty sides. I figure this way I can bring some healthy stuff (fruit, veggies, Pop Chips!) to go with mine.

    Heather ~ I LOVED the yogurt covered KIND bar flavor. I highly recommend that one. Good luck on the treadmill - you will do great!

    Angelea ~ That sounds like a fun weekend!

    KS ~ That is exactly why I had to freeze it - it's too good! This way I have to make more of an effort to eat more than one piece. I'll send some slices your way :D

  6. Mmm that bread looks awesome! The veggie burger definitely sounds like a good choice. Have fun at the BBQ tomorrow!

  7. Anne ~ I LOVE this bread and I think I have to add it to my list every trip to the farmer's market LOL. Thanks, I LOVE it when they feed us and send us home :)

  8. hi i am janetha and im a breadaholic. one day i actually ate seven pieces of cinnamon swirl bread in one night. shhh dont tell anyone.

    good job on ordering the VB! you are right, prob the best option.

    i love those bars!

    i gotta go to bed now, so i can wake up and it can be friday!

    oh but i am going to moab this weekend to go camping :) yaaaay for arches and red rocks.

  9. Janetha ~ OMG - I could sooo do that with bread too! fun weekend camping - what is MOAB?