Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last call to enter the Annie's Mac Pack Contest!!

I LOVE Farmer's Market Season. I wait ALL year long for the Farmer's Markets to open! I LOVE that majority of the California markets are open from May - November so I don't have to go through withdrawals for too long. Today on the way home we stopped at the small local market to check it out. I picked up two packs of my favorite of all time corn tortillas! These even stay soft when you freeze and unfreeze them. The flavor is absolutely astounding too.


AND (don't be jealous!) Cherries!!! I had to have a couple to sample them and they are amazing! This picture just does not do them justice.


This was the first farmer's market that I didn't end up with a bunch of stuff. It was the first one and surprisingly there were not as many vendor's as usual....I hope that changes and I cannot wait for the fresh blueberry lady to show up!

Before we headed out to the market I was actually a tad bit hungry so I had my planned Jump Start snack. I had a creamy serving of the TJ's fat free Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt topped with 1 Tbsp chopped raw almonds.


I think that the actual vanilla beans make this version of greek yogurt completely over the top - just look at how thick and rich and creamy this 130 calorie 0 g fat yogurt is!


I also had 1/2 of this huge organic fuji apple that made for great yogurt dipping.


After the market, I dropped off my co-worker and headed over to the nephews baseball game. It was fun to watch, but, they didn't really do so good. We got home around 8:30 and I just wasn't up for making/having a salad. I went with some leftover sesame chicken with noodles as we relaxed and watched one of The Husband's Earth Discovery DVD's.


My workout today was all strength training but I did cardio instead. I am going to make up and do both cardio and strength tomorrow.


I have been meaning to share ALL these super cool giveaways with you all day! Be sure to check them all out - they rock!

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YOU NOW HAVE T-2 HOURS & 8 MINUTES TO ENTER THE ANNIE'S MAC PACK GIVEAWAY!!! Make sure you have done all FOUR things for your chance to win one of the FOUR Prize packs. Good luck, good luck!!! I will announce a winner tomorrow morning.

I am off to get some serious zzzzzz's ~ Nite all!


  1. vanilla bean is my absolute favorite flavor out there, and you are telling me there is a greek yogurt that is vanilla bean. of course it would be inaccessible to me! can't wait to get to cali this summer and try it! i hope i remember...

  2. oh man, Farmer's Market starts here next weekend and I just cannot wait!

    And cherries?! WOWZA!

  3. Okay, don't be a hater...but our Farmer's Market is year-round. happens in the parking lot right across the street from me. Every Saturday morning, I can smell the kettle corn popping. I've become immune to the smell, and don't even smell it any more!

    I can't wait for the strawberries...

  4. Janetha ~ YES - you will remember this - seriously - it's so good! I can help you create a bigger list for your next trip :D

    Olga ~ yeah, I LOVE farmer's markets and could go year round! the cherries are so awesome.

    Kriwin ~ I know of a few around here that are open all the time but NONE that close - you are soooo lucky. I never thought of that - having kettle korn smell all the time would be a bad thing for sure! The strawberries are out - organic and amazing!