Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Turkey Cups & another cool thing about TJ's

I started off my morning with a new 30-day Jump Start recipe that I made up last night. I have to say I was a little skeptical when I first saw them come out of the oven, but, you know what, they are quite tasty.

Baked Eggs in Savory Turkey Cups


These are soooo easy to make. I made a half batch last night and heated them up this morning. Click HERE for the recipe.

I served up two delicious turkey cups this morning without the cilantro - I forgot.


Along with 1 c of awesome Farmer's Market Strawberries. I can't wait to get more today!


All together with 8 oz FF milk and some decaf coffee in the Hooray! mug.


Today is the last day of the 30 Day BL Challenge - yahoo! I am sadly going to miss having everything planned out. But, I promise a full book review and final WI coming tomorrow.

I seriously rocked yesterday's stats and had to share:

Calories burned: 3,263
Steps taken: 16,312
Calories Consumed: 1,520


Did you all know that Trader Joe's has seriously helped to make your shopping list easier? On their website you can find a listing of everything that they sell based on your preferences.

* No Gluten, Fat Free, VEGAN, Vegetarian, Heart Healthy, Quick Meal, Kosher. Click HERE to download the list you want. How cool is that?! Just another reason I LOVE you TJ's!!!

* Today's Fun Giveaway - Do you LOVE Salsa? Check out Julie's Salsa Givesaway - enter by sharing the most creative way you use it. Click HERE and be sure to tell us what your idea was....hint, hint, I used it this morning in my breakfast cups.

Have a Terffiic Tuesday all! Today is insanely busy, but, I will check back as soon as I can ~ TTFN!


  1. m'mmm that breakfast looks like delish savory cupcakes :)! congrats on the awesome stats, girlie!!

  2. Those turkey cups look great! Will have to try them myself sometime.

  3. wow those cups look bangin! such a good make-ahead too! and protein packed.

    well all the TJ's news is great and all.. now i just need a TJ's in the SLC!!!

  4. What a simple, fun breakfast... Healthy protein! Those strawberries look perfectly ripe and delicious.

    Congrats on the stats!

  5. That's a really fun breakfast!I am definitely trying them.

  6. those turkey cups are geniuss!!

  7. Jenny ~ Cupcakes in the morning I so wish - YUM! LOL....Thanks!

    Felish ~ They are so simple to make - do tell if you try them out.

    Janetha ~ The protein cupcakes are totally up your alley of things to try. I think you need to write TJ's and tell them they need a TJ's in SLC. Every city should have one.

    Heather ~ The strawberries are so good right now - straight from the farmers. It's such a big difference from store bought.

    Priyanka ~ Thanks - do tell if you like them.

    Julie ~ You are too cute, I wish I could claim it as my idea :)

  8. Oooh those turkey cups look sooo amazing!! And I love TJ's.. now I have even another reason to be obsessed! :) Have a great night!

  9. Healthyontherun ~ Thanks - I am so with you on TJ's, I could probably buy everything in the store and still want to try more :)