Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shrimp is the new "fish"!!!

Tonight the 30-day Jump Start called for non-other than Fish! Are you surprised? Really, are you? I tried convincing myself ALL day it's only one day, you can do it, seriously - don't mind you've eaten it like 10 of the 30 days, you can do it! Then, I had a brilliant idea....Shrimp is like fish so it all counts the same in the end, right?! Ok....well, it's higher in cholesterol but Salmon is higher in fat....so it's a tie ~ see, Shrimp = Fish! Good logic, right?

Now that I've completely confused you, I will tell you how dinner went down tonight. I decided to make my Healthy Version of Shrimp Scampi. You can click HERE to get the recipe from when I made it before - it's awesome and only 3 WWP per 6 shrimp serving! I had 2 servings (6 WWP) to count as my 5 oz of fish on the 30 JS diet.


1/2 cup of TJ's Organic Brown Rice that is in the freezer section - cook it for 3 minutes and tadah! This is the ONLY brown rice I can get The Husband to eat - it's THAT good.


For veggies, I took all that fabulous farmer's market squash and carmelized it in a little olive oil. Seasoned it with salt, pepper and topped it with a little parmesan. Here was the result - so tasty and colorful!


All together with 8 oz of fat free milk & fizzy water - it was such a fast dinner that I looked forward to.


I may have had one of THESE cookies from last night too but I can't remember since I don't have any pictures as proof :)

SPEAKING OF DESSERT ~ Have you all seen THIS dessert from the SELF Dishes Magazine that came out a few years back? (Yes, I have it too lol). It came out this week in their newsletter and reminded me I STILL need to make it!

Ok - maybe not my best Jump Start day....It sort of feels wierd to be done - I am excited to weigh in and measure tomorrow but at the same time sad it's all over.

I promise a full review of the Biggest Loser 30-day Jump Start Diet coming up soon - probably tomorrow night. For now I am off to read my new book and zonk out!

See you in the morning!


  1. I would call myself a shrimp fanatic and this recipe is right up my alley!

    Fantstic dinner!

  2. Congrats on completing the 30 days! That rice sounds really cool-- I need to hit up Trader Joe's.
    That SELF dessert looks delicious!

  3. ah shrimp is my favorite fish [ especially "scampi" style ;) ] .. thanks for sharing the recipe girl and CONGRATS on finishing the 30 days! awesome!!!

  4. dannnng that dinner looks phenomenal! love shrimp mmmmmmm. congrats on 30 days well done, fish and all!

  5. Priyanka ~ Thanks. The recipe is so easy and tastes so good it's hard to believe it's healthy.

    Anne ~ Thanks Anne! I can't wait to see what you find at TJ's.

    Jenny ~ Thanks! Do tell if you try out this scampi and it passes the Jenny test :)

    Janetha ~ Thanks - I can't believe the I am all done with the 30 days - it sort of went by fast.