Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Red, White & Blue Cereal & HG Contest Winners!!!

You know it's going to be a hot day when you wake up and it's HOT already. I woke up this morning starving and ready for a cool breakfast. Today I blended a mix of 3 cereals.


To make ~ Red, White & Blue Cereal!!! Ok, so I am only a couple of days late being patriotic, but, who says you HAVE to do it on the actual day, right?! :D


1 c Kashi Heart to Heart (2 WWP)
1/2 C Kashi Honey Flax Granola (1 WWP)
1 sample pack Fiber 1 (0 WWP)
1 small banana (1 WWP)
1/2 c strawberries, handful blueberries, sprinkle of unsweetened organic coconut (0 WWP)
1 c ff milk (not pictured (2 WWP)

I LOVE BIG breakfasts that fill up my bowl.


Thanks to everyone for playing along in my Hungry Girl Giveaways ~ they are so fun and I absolutely adore her, her newsletters and her cookbooks. Since I kept you all waiting over the long weekend, I won't make you wait ANY more. The winners were randomly selected using randomizer.org. The WINNERS ARE:

#23: SARAH W. WINS the cookbook because she posted a quick link back about the contest!!! Here's my link back!!http://sarawithanhishealthy.wordpress.com/2009/05/23/quick-post/

#9: Priyanaka who said "I would love to make her Death by chocolate cone cake!I simply love the tee!!" ~ Guess what, YOU WIN the limited editionT-shirt!!!

Both of these ladies have AWESOME blogs - be sure to check them out!

Congrats Sarah & Priyanka!!! Be sure to send me your snail mail addy's so I can send out your HG LOOT ASAP! If you didn't win, do not fret! You can STILL score HG's Cookbook for a SUPER cheap price now on amazon.com ~ It's less than $10s. Click HERE to order your very own copy.


The Husband is such a clown ~ as IF you all didn't already know this! He was worried our adopted kitty wouldn't be able to make it down the fence since we moved our jet skis away for concreting. Well, guess, what he did ~ what any good kitty dad would do - he built her very own step stair case - SOOO FUNNY!


And, since we are speaking of our adopted kitty - she is just as corny as The Husband. She literally flips out whenever she hears the can of soft food open. But, it gets better than that, she actually stands on her plate so that nobody can take it away while she eats it.


Not that you all needed to see that first thing in the morning, but, I promise you it's funny to watch her "guard" her food.


* It's THAT time of year again to think about fitting into a Swim Suit. Women's Health has a great article online today about picking the BEST suit for your body type. Click HERE to look HOT in cuts that flatter!

* Organizing Junkie has such a fun download on her site today. Click HERE to download your very own printable grocery envelope ~ such a great organizing idea!

Alright ~ Happy Hump Day! Today at lunch I am heading out to a SPIN class - woohoo! I've missed them, but, more on that later tonight. Catch you all later for more blogging fun.


  1. yesssssss I won another of your contests!!! maybe I should go try my luck and play the lotto or something ;-) do you still have my addy from the last contest?

    what do you mean by adopted kitty? do you like own her? obviously you're feeding her, she has a collar, does she live with you? i'm confused!! super cute - I <3 kitties :)

  2. Thanks Danica for holding these contests!I again won one of them!!

  3. such a cute thing your hubby did for your kitty! i am loving the mini ramp :) and how she stands on her plate!

    i adore mixing cereals, it may be one of my favorite past times ;)


  4. Aw how sweet, a kitty stair case!! Congrats to the winners!!

  5. Mmm I LOVE cereal combos!!

  6. Congrats to the winners!
    And, I have done the same thing as your kitty with my plate!

  7. Haha - I'm thinking NO swimsuit is the BEST suit for my body!!LOL! Long sleeves and long pants are best ;P

    Great bowl of cereal!

    Congrats winners :)

  8. H2H is my favorite kashi cereal :)

  9. I love mixing cereals! That's one of my favorite things to do. Right now I've got Banana Cheerios w/ the Fiber One Clusters, Mmmm mmm!

  10. What a great mixture of cereals! Definitely my favorites! And I love your addition of a sprinkle of coconut... adds a little something to the mix. ;)

  11. I love your fancy patriotic breakfast!

    I'll have to try that combo!!

  12. Just found your blog and I love it!!!! That cereal bowl of goodness sounds amazing I love Kashi Cereals and Fiber 1 is way good to mix with those kinds. I added you to my blogroll and Google Reader!

  13. ok I admit it I have a serious cereal addiction and this pic aint helpin. Love the colors you used of the fruits. How patriotic.

  14. Beautiful bowl of breakfast!!!

  15. Sarah ~ Congrats on winning again - with the luck you are having lately, you DO need to play lotto. Well, you see - SHE adopted us. We think someone dumped her off in our neighborhood since she has no claws and all. Her first MEOW made The Husband weak in the knees so we kept her. But, she is an outdoor cat who only likes to sit on this mat in the kitchen and watch me cook. Other than that, I she hangs outside. It works since I am so allergic to cats.

    Priyanka ~ Yeah, congrats on winning again too! I need to tell the randomizer to mix it up more :)

    Janetha ~ if you only knew - he even built her her very own cat house with carpet lining and pillows and all. She is sooo spoiled but I LOVE watching him do it all for her. She loves him back all the same.

    K ~ OMG - your comment had me LOL!

    Healthyontherun ~ I do not think there is any other way to eat cereal, is there?!

    Marybe ~ Now THAT is a funny visual.

    Marisa ~ Funny ~ you are turning into a hot sexy mama with all that weight you have been losing. I BET you would look awesome in any swimsuit!

    Peacelovepb ~ I LOVE the fun shapes of h2h.

    Jess ~ That combo sounds fun too! I need to try that....mmmmm, banana!

    Jenn ~ Thanks, do tell if you try it out.

    Cocoaeats ~ Ahhhh, thanks for the super blog comment and adding me. I am definitely going to check out your blog soon too!

    Kristi ~ I need some more ideas - you need to share all the ways you eat your cereals :D

    Angelea ~ Thanks, it was fun to eat and take pictures of.