Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why does relaxing = snacking?

I am the type of person that just goes, goes, goes and I rarely take much more than an hour to sit down and relax. (Not sure if you all noticed that yet or not.) Today I was reminded of why I don't do that too often - it makes me want to snack like crazy! Do you all have that problem? The Husband broke out a bowl of Annie's Organic Bunny Snack mix and I found myself digging in too.


Luckily you get 45 pieces for a 3 WWP serving. I stopped when I realized I was eating it just because it was there!

Dinner tonight was simple and fast since neither of us felt like cooking. I started off with 2 oz of grilled chicken that was marinated in a ginger/garlic marinate.


With another 3 WWP serving of the Confetti Couscous - this is just as good the next day - LOVE it!


And some cool, crunchy sliced cucumber with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.


The one good thing about the weather being soooo hot is that I drink a ton of water and feel less hungry. I had my dinner with my Nathan Bottle full of iced cold water.


I am content and full even though we ate at 5:30 tonight. I think I am craving just more water because I want something cool - I am not hungry so I do not need to eat anything else. I'll let you all know in the AM if my brain wins the battle or not!

Have a great night ~ I am off to pick out another book to read.

Do you have a favorite book you think I should read? I am always looking to expand my stack of books.


  1. I bought Annie's bunnies today! They are technically for Noah, but dang...they are irresistible!

    We had more buffalo meat today and I added a special section all about buffalo just for you, dahling!

    Here comes Monday...

  2. Relaxing definitely equals snacking for me!! I always find when I'm bored at home I eat more.. I need to be busy!

    Have a great week ...

  3. I have never seen that snack mix! Looks great!

    I am really enjoying The Healthy Skeptic!

  4. Labryinth by Kate Mosse is FANTASTIC!!! Its totally not my style, but my sis in law rec'd it and it was so so good. If you can't find it at the library, I can mail it to you - let me know!

    Are you looking for reg fiction books or like health books? lol

    wow 2oz chicken is soo very little!!! I remmeber when I was working with a body building trainer (don't ask, I hated the diet aspect that bodybuilders use), I got 3oz chicken and that was such a tiny tiny portion of food!!!! ack!!! LOL

  5. I just finished reading "Dewey" - it is a total tear jerker. So, don't read it, unless you fee like a good cry. :)

  6. how awesome are those bunny shaped pretzels? almost too cute to eat!

    that couscous looks good again, yep i better make it!

  7. Angelea ~ Yeah for bunnies - they are definitely a healthier, non-chemical alternative for Noah vs Goldfish. I am off to check out the buffalo section - maybe you can convince me to try it afterall.

    Healthyontherun ~ You know, I think that is exactly it! Busy = no time to put my hands in food I don't need.

    Nutritious ~ Thanks - I am totally going to check that out and add it to my list.

    Sarah ~ I will check the library for it - I always like reading any good book even if it isn't my style. I read pretty much everything except sci-fi. Yup, no Twilight or Harry Potter stuff for me LOL. 2 oz isn't very much. I was supposed to have 4 oz but I wasn't feeling it probably due to the heat.

    Fatfighter - hmmmm, I think I'll have to look at that one too but maybe a vacation read b/c then I would be happy/sad LOL.

    Janetha ~ they are the cutest little pretzels - they have carrot shapes too!