Sunday, May 24, 2009

I feel so accomplished today

Today has been so productive ~ I LOVE days like that! Ok, yes, I did have a late start, but, I have been going nonstop - organizing our guest bedroom (my dumping ground), cleaning, finishing up all our laundry, helping The Husband outside with some of the concrete stuff, planning meals and I am about to head off to the grocery store, book store and post office. Fun, right? It IS for me though because I will feel like I earned my blog makeover time tonight when we sit down to relax.

For lunch, I made us some great sandwiches. I had originally bought all the stuff to take on a picnic for our gold panning trip, but, we had to postpone it in order to fit in the concrete stuff this week.


1 sweet french roll
1 oz lean ham
1 oz lean turkey
1 oz lite TJ's cheddar cheese
sliced tomatoes
red onions
cucumber chips
spicy mustard

This made up such a BIG 7 WWP sandwich! I only managed to finish about 2/3 of it and I saved my apricot for later.


We still had our picnic eating it a bit outside in the midst of our concrete jumbles :) It was still nice!

This afternoon we were kids again and stopped working when we heard the music of the "man-man" as my super cute niece calls him. The Husband bought me a root beer float ice cream bar and 2 ice creams for him. I didn't remember to take a picture until I was looking at the stick ~ whoops! I DID balance it out by having a 1 oz lowfat Cabot cheesestick for some dairy/protein since I was still hungry.

Alright, I am off to shop, shop, shop! I'll be back later with a new recipe I am making for dinner tonight - I can't wait to try it out.


  1. yay to productive days! :)

  2. Wooo you did have a productive day. I love those! That sandwich looks delicious, too

  3. I wanted to see gold panning pics! :) Glad you guys got so much done!

  4. Olga ~ Thanks, it really does make my weekend feel complete when I accomplish so much.

    Anne ~ It was an awesome sandwich - the cucumber chips totally make it.

    Angelea ~ I KNOW! I was all set for it and really looking forward to it. But, our concrete guy said he wanted to start digging out on Tuesday to pour it on Fri/Sat. So, we have to get all our prep work (saves $$) done before then. It's a fair trade because it's something we've been wanting to do for so long now, but, ya.....we WILL still gold pan someday soon I am sure :) The Husband felt bad.

  5. Glad to hear that you had such a successful day! I just love it when I feel like I'm getting things done on the weekend!

    That sandwich looks amazing. Your tomato slices look expertly placed. ;)

  6. Health ~ Isn't it funny how we focus on making our plates look pretty when we know we have to take a picture.