Saturday, May 2, 2009

What to do, what to do.....

Do you ever have so many things on your "to-do" list that you do not know what to do? This week has been so insane that I haven't had a chance to get everything done that I want to. Today is all about checking off my list and having fun with The Husband.

Speaking of my Nutty Husband, he cut something "special" out of the newspaper for me this morning. I was browsing the Pampered Chef Catalog this morning as one of my friends is having a party and he quickly tossed this headline on my book.


It's from an article about Danica Patrick - the race car driver....he always has fun clipping headlines with my name on them. Ok - I am older than her so I get to claim my name, first, right? :D LOL

As I was debating if I should just order or go to the Pampered Chef Party (where there will be a ton of NON-Jump Start Food), I hear The Husband cracking up. Of course, I have to go see what's so funny. He flipped our calendar to a new month and this is what it showed......


Love that calendar ~ so funny!

My Jump Start breakfast was quick and simple today. I started off with 3/4 c Kashi Go Lean with a small banana and 1 c fat free milk (not pictured).


For some protein, another Perfectly Hard Boiled Egg.


With some decaf Cinnamon Vanilla Nut Coffee ~ Yum!


Yesterday's quick recap was better than I thought. I was pretty much glued to my desk all day and did not have a chance to get in a workout.

Calories Burned: 2,662
Steps Taken: 6,250
Calories Consumed: 1, 540

Have a fantabulous Saturday all! I am off to get in a nice long workout and then to start checking things off my list. See you all later!


  1. Hope you get things crossed off your list. And oh that calendar is hilarious! LOL!!

  2. I feel like that a lot! My to-do list grows and grows!

    Love the calendar and your delish breakfast!

  3. that is so fun/cute/funny that your hubby does that!

  4. Sharon ~ Thanks, I am making good progress.

    Emily ~ That is so true. I feel like I check off 2 items and add 4 more at the same time.

    Janetha ~ Yes, he is a clown like that but it's why I love him :)