Saturday, July 25, 2009

“Amazing” Army Green Smoothie….

Happy Saturday all!  This morning I was up early to do some running around before we take off for the day.  I figured after all the “heavy” eating I’ve been doing lately with work that I needed to start my day off with something good for me and good for my body. 

The star of breakfast today was Amazing Grass Pomegranate Mango Infusion Amazing Meal.


The entire package is only 1 Weight Watcher Point and it’s loaded with a BUNCH of great stuff to get you energized and ready to start your day.


It’s army green instead of the bright green like the other packs :)


Today’s Army Green Smoothie included:

1 ripe banana

1 mango

1/4 c TJ’s 0% Green yogurt (for creaminess & to help it be less powdery)

1 package Amazing Grass Pomegranate Mango Infusion Amazing Meal



All blended together and put in my Amazing Grass smoothie to go cup.  I LOVE this cup – seriously!  It allows you to take BIG sips and it seals so you won’t spill it.  Perfect for when you need to run around.


I actually LOVE this flavor I think more than any of the other flavors I have tried.  It tastes super fruity (maybe the added mango helped) and it almost has to be me the flavor of chewable vitamin C.  Probably not the best comparison, but, it does…..It is a little powdery tasting but it grows on you as you drink it.  YUM ~ I had no problem convincing myself to drink it all up and I am pleasantly full. 

I think this will carry me through until we have a late lunch!

Alright all ~ I am off to finish running around before I get ready to head out for the day.  We are celebrating my Mom’s 60th Birthday tonight so I won’t be back until later tonight!

Have a great Saturday ~ I know we will if I can just fit everything in that needs to get done!


  1. That green smoothie sounds yummy!
    <3 jess

  2. happy birthday danica's mommy! a big one!

  3. yum on the smoothie!!! I might have one tomorrow too :-p

  4. Havefaith ~ It was pretty delicious.

    Lynn ~ Awww - thanks - that was sweet!

    Sarah ~ You should definitely make one :)

  5. Smoothie looks good and happy b'day mom! I lov that amazing grass. I haven't caved to buy it yet (only tried it) - so $$!

  6. N.D. ~ Thanks, I totally agree - LOVE the Amazing Grass products I've tried so far.