Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy “Friday Eve” all!

I am so glad the weekend is almost here and it’s Friday Eve!  I didn’t sleep very well last night, but, then again, I am sure waking up for an hour while The Husband heads out at 3 am probably doesn’t help either :)

I took The Husband another Starbuck’s today and picked up another 3 Weight Watcher Point iced fat free decaf latte with caramel drizzle on top to help ward off the over 105+ degree temps they are predicting.


My brain was not working this morning for breakfast.  The only thing that sounded good was my Blueberry Protein pancakes, but, that would require me making them.  Where is your own personal chef when you need them, huh?!  So, I opted for the next best alternative ~ An Apple Graham Cracker Holey Donut for ONLY 4 Weight Watcher Points!!!


Check out how much APPLE PIE filling gets packed into these – LOVE IT!!!  I LOVE how doughy and soft these baked healthy donuts are.  It’s like having a super filled apple pie with sweet, doughy bread ~ YUM!


My morning snack was not as exciting, but, it definitely hit the spot.  I had a bunch of fresh watermelon and a low fat Sargento Cheese Square.  I LOVE watermelon this time of year – so refreshing!


Quick recaps for the past two days:

Tuesday’s stats:

Calories burned: 2,708

Steps Taken: 9,689

Wednesday’s stats:

Calories burned: 2,520 (afternoon meetings kill my step/cal count)

Steps taken: 8,557


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I think the Whole Foods Salad bar or maybe sushi! is calling me for lunch today!  It’s way better than leftovers :)

Have a fantastic “Friday Eve” type of day!  Two days and counting….see you all later!


  1. Sounds like a hot day there! Glad you could cool off with some coffee. :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. ah, i've been wanting an iced latte all day long ;) now I really want it!

  3. friday eve.. one of my favorite holidays ever -- especially since it comes once a week ;) enjoy!

  4. wow, i haven't tried holey donuts but i am digging that apple filling, i don't love donuts but i know that one would be divine! i love watermelon this time of year too, i have been eating massive amounts of it.

  5. Yum. I didn't get to try the apple Holey Donuts! That looks good :-)

    I am so excited to only have one more day of work...

  6. Emily ~ Thanks, you too!

    Brandi ~ You can totally justify lattes in the summer - afterall, it's a dairy requirement for health :)

    Jenny ~ Me too!!! Now if I can just figure out how to make it a day off of work holiday that would be good!

    Janetha ~ I don't like donuts really either, but, these are fantastic since they are baked/not fried and lowfat - translation, no deep oil frying taste. So good and stuff with sweet filling. They always make me want to lick my plate.

    C.G. ~ It's part of the celebrity assortment - I think it's my favorite assortment so far!

  7. Those Holey Donuts look soooo good! If only they weren't so expensive!

  8. Julia ~ I know what you mean. I split them with a co-worker to make it cheaper. But, they are now making it so you can order only 2 boxes now instead of 3 - a little bit cheaper :) Sign up for their newsletter and you get all kinds of specials and deals.