Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Sunday Recap

I decided that I needed to just focus on relaxing (me time), getting things done, helping out The Husband and staying away from the computer on Sunday. Sort of like a day off in a sense lol….I still managed to find time to catch up with you all though :)

To make this quick, I will just do a picture recap since my food was not too interesting.

We started out day out by running to Lowe’s for some house supplies which included a stop at Starbuck’s. I had a Venti Decaf Non-Fat Iced latte with a banana (I ate it before I remembered to take a picture).


Lunch was leftovers to clean out the fridge – the chicken rocks leftover, the pizza was eh, ok leftover – it’s better fresh.


Plus some watermelon as I cut it up.


In the afternoon I took my book and magazine outside to read while I watched The Husband do the part of the siding I couldn’t help with. I heart PopChips!

IMG_9026_thumb IMG_9027_thumb

Dinner was fantastic. I took one of my homemade Spicy Black Bean Burgers out of the freezer, topped it with some Tillamook Pepper Jack Cheese and grilled it. For sides 1/2 a red bell pepper and cherry tomatoes – YUM!


Speaking of Cherry Tomatoes – Our mini cherry tomato garden is flourishing like crazy! The plants are getting so big and loaded with little yellow flowers – yeah! I cannot wait for homegrown tomatoes!


I am not sure if I told you all before or not, but, we bought our house to fix it up. It was built in the 1940’s and we have been spending the past 5 years restoring it. It is getting exciting for us because everything is really starting to come together. Here is our work in process for the garage renovation.

Here is a BEFORE picture of our garage (with the overhead roof and trims removed) aka The Husband’s tool workshop – it’s detached.


We are not done yet with replacing all the siding, but, here is the progress we made this weekend ~ A brand NEW door to go into the garage, a brand NEW big door and the start of our brick siding. We will be replacing all the white siding you see, adding our trims and painting. I will send you updates when we are done – we cannot wait! A few AFTER IN PROGRESS shots….



We LOVE our Nichia siding so far and we are not even done installing it all! That was our big weekend project – it looks sooooo AWESOME, then, again, I might be biased. The Husband does fantastic work and I make a pretty good tool girl LOL.

I will include more photos as we finish everything, but, this is our start!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend ~ we worked hard, but, it was all worth it!


  1. WOAH, talk about an upgrade! love the remodel! and that bowl of watermelon is calling my name. i love eating mounds of watermelon!

  2. the garage looks awesome! did the hubs do that all himsel?! what a handy man!

  3. Love the remodel! Everything looks so yummy. I LOVE watermelon!
    <3 jess

  4. That looks like an iced caramel macchiato - the BEST THING EVER!!!

  5. Wow!! That garage has come a long way!! Good job!

    The bean burger looks AWESOME!

  6. Janetha ~ Yup, we literally have been changing everything from the ground up. I can't wait to show you all the final pictures of our remodeling journey - the before/aftershots are amazing.

    C.G. ~ Thanks, The Husband is the one with the great ideas - I am just the helper :)

    Jenny ~ Yup, pretty much - he rocks that way!

    Havefaith ~ me too - I can never get too much watermelon.

    Heyitstay ~ I LOVE caramel machiattos, but, this is my healthier version. I leave out the vanilla syrup because I have found it makes it too sweet. I LOVE the caramel sauce so I get a latte with the caramel sauce on top - it rocks too!

    Emily ~ Thanks and thanks! Both are awesome :)