Monday, July 6, 2009

I LOVE new books & magazines!

On my way home from work today, I stopped to pick up two more books for my book stack.  The only difference is I think I plan on reading these versus adding them to the pile LOL.  I also couldn’t resist a couple new magazines.


Janetha raves about Body for Life and Kirwin at Graceful Creative really sold me on the Power of Less book in THIS post.  I’ll be sure to let you all know what I think of the books.  I may take on the Body for Life as my next fitness challenge ~ Whatcha all think? 

Any Body For Lifers out there care to share what you think?

When I got home I was pumped to see my FREE sample of Sun Butter finally arrived.  I might have to incorporate this into tomorrows eats…..YUM!


Before I could talk myself out of it, I broke out my new Thorlo Socks and hopped on the treadmill for a quick 30 minute interval run mixing up hills with walking and running.


I LOVE these socks and I am a total Balga sock snob when it comes to running socks.  They are soft, cushiony in all the right places and just completely comfortable to wear in and out of your shoes.  I now have another brand I can buy along withy my Balga socks ~ Yeah!

I STILL wasn’t starving when dinner time rolled around so I decided to change my plans up a little bit.  The Husband and I decided to sample our Lychee that we bought at Larry’s Produce over the weekend. On the outside they look cool but i wasn’t sure how to “peel” them.


So I just sort of cut them in half and found out they have a seed in the middle – oops!


The Husband was scared to try them at first because he said they look like little eye balls.  I told him they taste like a pear/rose and he took the teeniest bite ever.  I think he couldn’t get past the look/texture.  They are not bad, but, they are super sweet and the flavor is strong.  Yeah for trying a new fruit and I didn’t have to buy a ton to do that.

I REALLY, REALLY wanted the Cheesy Chicken Shells for dinner but since I am working on Mindful Eating, not Mindless Eating I opted for a lighter dinner.  I made up an Asian Inspired Burger Salad.


Leftover salad from last night sans the mushrooms & cheese

1 Don Lee VEGAN Burger (so good!)

1 oz lowfat mozzarella diced (needed another dairy serving!)

1 svg TJ’s Lowfat Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette


Like how The Husband is eating his cherries – no bowl needed when you are a guy I guess :D LOL…..He said “no bowl needed because he isn’t taking a picture of it” HA!

The salad was pretty tasty since the burgers seriously taste like veggie eggrolls and they were complimented with the peanut dressing. 

I still wanted something more after eating this salad, so I had some Salsa Sun Chips.  I started off with a 1/2 a serving pictured here, then, went back for the rest of the serving later when The Husband broke out the BIG bag.


I may or may not have had one of these 1 Weight Watcher Point Lemon Cookies for dessert – so good!  It finally satisfied me…yeah!


I am off to read my new magazines and check out my new books!  Oh and The Husband just requested ice cream…..I MUST resist……I’ll be sure to report back if I cave and have some.  I already know I’ll be guilty of a bite but that should be all!

One more day to win Amazing Grass!!!

Nite all!


  1. I love magazines too....unfortunately i let them pile up and then i'm always reading old ones...

  2. I'm a book and magazine hound, too! I have Body for Life and Eating for Life. I tried the program for a while; I liked it, but it was hard for me to "live the lifestyle". I think his workout program is really good, though.

    Your hubby is funny!

    Salad looks GREAT!

    Sunbutter is really good. I used to buy it for my little daughter when she had food allergies and we had to avoid nuts until she was 3. Thankfully, she outgrew them all by 5, but it was nice to have a PB&J "alternative" for her :)

  3. i love getting new books and magazines :)

    i just got that sunbutter sample, too! I can't wait to try it.

  4. I got that sunbutter sample as well but haven't tested it out yet! I hope it's good :)

    Haha love the hubs "plate" and those lemon tea cookies sound great!

  5. I really go through phases with magazines. Health and Eating Well have sometimes the same recipes or articles over and over. Right now, I love a cute mag called Mary Jane Farms...Hey! Check out my giveaway!

  6. I LOVE getting magazines in the mail and subscribe to so many that I barely have time to read them all! We're getting ready for our move (slowly) and I had to toss out SO many old ones. The only ones I really collect are the Food Network and Rachael Ray magazines cuz they're loaded with recipes I wanna try. I love Lychee too! Have you ever tried the Lychee Jellies? They sell them at some Asian markets and they're SO delish!

  7. The Actor's Diet ~ OMG - I am the same way. That is why I was saying I bought them for my stack LOL.....I NEED to refrain until I finish all the ones I have but......

    Marisa ~ Thanks for the BFL feedback. I am excited to see the workouts but will probably still eat my own way....Not sure. For now, it's in the review stage :)

    Brandi ~ I am super excited to try the Sunbutter - can't wait to hear what you think.

    K ~ OMG the lemon tea cookies are TOO good...I bought them for The Husband as a healthy treat bu tI think they call my name more than his. He ate cherries and I ate a cookie lol.

    Special K ~ I go through phases too. I will have to check out that magazine and your giveaway - yeah!

    Cookie ~ ME too! I sadly subscribe to a bunch but also buy some too even though I have more than I can read. I have never heard of lychee jelly, but, I bet it's awesome!

  8. I've never tried Body for Life, or heard to much about it. I'd love to hear your review! I got the sunbutter sample too, but haven't tried it yet :)

  9. haha what a novel idea that you plan to READ the books! you crack me up. i hope you like the BFL book! even if you don't do the 12 week challenge, it still has real good info in it.

  10. ohh i love books, can't wait to read your reviews.

    never tried a lychee thansk for being the guinea pig!

  11. Anne ~ Thanks for your feedback, I'll be sure to let you know what I think.

    Janetha ~ Well, I have been in a habit lately of buying books but adding them to the "stack" versus reading them. LOL....I am excited to check it out - I like what I've heard about it so far.

    RuntoFinish~ LOL - glad to be the guinea pig anytime :D

  12. you got your hands on some awesome new things, girlfriend! i LOVE shape magazine!