Saturday, July 4, 2009

Go, Go, Go…that is how today has been

We have had such a busy day so far but it has ALL been fun.  We were up bright and early to take our middle nephew to his All Star Game.  He was so cute how pumped he was to have made the team.  Even though they didn’t win he had fun and did a great job – isn’t that all that matters :)  I didn’t have time to make breakfast so we made a quick stop at Starbuck’s and I found a somewhat “healthy pairing”.

A grande nonfat decaf latte with


a Low Fat Turkey Bacon, Egg White Sandwich on a Whole Wheat Flax English muffin.  I was impressed to see that combo and it didn’t taste too bad.  I felt like it needed salsa or something to spice it up though.


Did you all know that Starbuck’s is moving to REAL Ingredients?!  I had to share what my napkin said because I was pretty impressed with what they had to say.  They also have recipe cards out now so you can see how they make their products (i.e. the banana nut bread).  They said that ALL places are using the same recipes now with REAL ingredients – so cool!


Midway through the game I broke out the snack bag I packed for us.  I had a banana that was too ripe for me – I like GREEN bananas, not ones with brown spots.


And a few of The Husband’s TJ’s Cashews.


It was absolutely FREEZING at the game so I ended up breaking out the blanket I had in my car.  I knew it would be cooler since their game was over by the ocean, but, my sweatshirt plus short combo wasn’t enough.  It did warm up by the time we left though lol……

We stopped at home for a quick grilled up lunch.  I tried out the other burger I bought yesterday at Costco ~ AmyLu’s Caramelized Onion Chicken Burger.


On top of an Orowheat Sandwich Thin with Annie’s Organic Ketchup & Dijon mustard, plus Cucumber Slices (love these!)


All together with some Salsa Sun Chips and a Nectarine.


Ok ~ My thoughts on the burgers.  They are not bad actually however I am not sure that I tasted the caramelized onions or the gouda cheese.  I did like the fact that they are pre-cooked and you only have to heat them for a few minutes before enjoying.  I think I need to try them out other ways to give a better review.  My favorite Chicken Burgers are still Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Chicken Burgers.

After lunch we were off to see the new Transformers with ALL THREE nephews.  The Husband and I both agree that the first one is better, but, the second is still really good.  The nephews of course loved it and want to see it again already.  It was definitely worth paying to see in the movie theatre though.  We earned a free popcorn with our movies so we divided it up and I had my little container without butter.  I actually only ate about 1/2 of this – it was too salty for me and I had a few pieces of salt water taffy too.


We are all tuckered out now!  I don’t get how sitting on my bum most of the day can make me tired LOL.  We are relaxing now before the fire works start.  We can usually see the big fireworks show they shoot off the water front from our porch – yeah!  The Husband is talking about challenging me in cards so I may just have to do that!

I hope you all are enjoying your July 4th Fun and Fireworks.  See you all in the morning!


  1. aw well i'm glad your day was fun -- even though it was busy busy! xo

  2. That does sound like a busy day, but a fun one :D That's cool about the starbucks food. Glad you enjoyed the movie, too!

  3. I've never had salt water taffy, which is weird, b/c I've been on lots of boardwalks that sell 'em! But I bet I would like it - haven't met a candy yet I haven't....

  4. i love that starbucks got rid of all the artificial stuff :) yayyy!
    great eats!

  5. Jenny ~ I think that is the best kind of busy day to have - a fun one!

    Anne ~ That was always one of my pet peeves about Starbuck's so I am glad they are cleaning up their act.

    The Actor's Diet ~ Wow, never?! It's probably my favorite candy.

    Peanut butter ~ Yeah and thanks!

  6. Amylu's Carmelized Chicken Burgers - should be renamed SODIUM burgers - they REALLY need to cut the salt in half so we can taste the burger and not just SALT!!!

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    I do agree with you - I wish they used less salt. But, I still find her burgers pretty darn tasty and there are no funky ingredients which is important to me too.