Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 4th BBQ Luau Fun!

I think I should have added some greek yogurt to my Amazing Smoothie this morning to have a little protein and staying power.  I was hungry about 2 hours later and decided to not ruin my Luau BBQ appetite.  I snacked on a new to me TJ’s Product ~ Multi-Grain Sesame Pretzel nuggets. 


One 22 piece serving is 2 Weight Watcher Points.


They are pretty tasty and slightly addictive.  There is a little hint of toasty sesame seeds but the overall flavor is pretzel.  These would be AMAZING dipped in some Gourmet PB!!!

The luau today was fun!  The President ended up doing all the BBQing along with a few helpers.  But, before I get to the food, let me share a couple of our fun decorations.


Tiki Torches with cute table decorations and BUBBLES!



Fun umbrellas for our drinks!


In Tropical Punch of course ~ The Mai Tai’s will come out later I am sure :D lol…..


Tons of FANTASTIC food!  Salads ~ Organic Mixed Greens with snap peas

IMG_8367 IMG_8373

Sweet 3-Bean Salad


Teriyaki Chicken, Pineapple Chicken Sausage, BBQ Ribs using Annie’s Org BBQ Sauce


A new type of Veggie Burger that I NEED to buy!  It tasted like Veggie Egg Rolls with nuts – YUM!


Fantastic Grilled Veggies!


Desserts!  Watermelon, July 4th Strawberry Mouse Cake & the BIGGEST cupcakes I’ve ever seen!



I had to try a little bit of everything.  I put my 3-bean salad on top of my organic mixed greens.


Then I loaded up on Grilled Veggies!


With a little meat sampler ~ 1 rib, 1/2 piece chicken and 1/2 a chicken pineapple sausage (which was really awesome but definitely not healthy tasting).  I LOVED seeing the big pieces of pineapple in the sausage.


Plus a slice of juicy watermelon!


I was fairly full/content at this point when the strawberry mouse cake was served up.  It was actually too sweet for me.  I had a bite to try it and then just ate the strawberry middle. :D


For our games we just ended up doing trivia questions while everyone worked this morning ~ it was easiest.  I wanted to do more or things that are fun (like a pineapple carving contest or limbo) but you have to go with what the crowd wants, right?!

It was a fun day and I am happily sitting on the couch, blogging and watching the Food Network ~ ahhhhh!  I am not sure what our plans are for tonight, but, for now I am going to work on playing catch up with you all!


  1. That's some great spread! What a fun time! That veggie burger sounded awesome, too. Do you know who makes them?

    I agree with you on those TJ pretzels; very addictive! I don't buy those anymore :(

    Have a great, relaxing weekend!

  2. Aww, fun luau! I love those little umbrellas. The grilled veggies look fantastic! I would have gone crazy with that yummy corn, mmm! The watermelon, too :D

  3. oh fun fun fun to the maxx! such cute decor! and i so love those damn drink umbrellas. they make every party better, for sure. all the food looked AMAZING! especially that grilled mushroom popping out to say hello. glad you had fun!

  4. Marisa ~ I know he bought them at Costco so I am adding that to my todo list this weekend and shall report back. Someone said Morning Star but I highly doubt it looking at them. Morning Star does not have tons of veggies like this did. I usually stay away from snacks like this but it sounded too good not to.

    Anne ~ I LOVED the umbrellas too - so fun. I wish we had little pineapples to stick them in - that would've been awesome!

    Janetha ~ The mushrooms were fantastic - it made me think about my grill basket and how I NEED to break it out this weekend.

  5. The layout of the Luau looks fantastic, and all the food looks so delicious! Making me hungry just looking at all the pictures :D

  6. That looks like so much fun! And the food looks delicious too!

  7. Kelly ~ I think you are hungry right now :) The Luau was fun for a work day.

    C.G. ~ The food was surprisingly quite tasty.

  8. I know I'm very late, but I'm also interested in knowing about the veggie burgers.

  9. HI,

    I found the veggie burgers at Costco and they are AMAZING! I highly recommend them. I have not seen them in any other store, but, maybe you check their website to see if they sell them at a store near you?

    Good luck,