Friday, July 3, 2009

Cool Costco Finds & July 4th BBQ salads….

This morning before I headed out to Costco (thinking I’d beat the crowd only to have people lined up BEFORE they opened), I snacked on 1/2 a Amazing Grass Organic Greens Super Food Bar.


I LOVE seeing all the organic ingredients and the stats are not too bad either. The entire bar is 4 Weight Watcher Points.

IMG_8417 IMG_8416

It looks very similar to a Lara bar other than it is ALOT “greener” :)


I thought this bar was alright – I couldn’t think of a way to describe the flavor. It’s sweet like a date with the taste of raw nuts and spinach. I like Lara bars better but 1/2 of this bar did a great job at keeping me full all morning. I did grab a couple of TJ’s cat cookies on my way out the door as well.


I came home to find our new stove installed! Yeah!


Check out ALL the oven settings – this if the first stove I’ve owned that I am actually not even sure what all the settings mean. I might have to read the book :)


My Costco finds were SO AWESOME that I had to share them with you all. I picked up the veggie burgers that I told you all about yesterday that we had at work. You find them in the Fridge section next to the pastas. They are VEGAN and cook completely fast! The brand is Don Lee Farms


The nutritionals and ingredients are awesome!


And the recipes on the box sound amazing. Another cool part is that you can keep this in the fridge or freezer!


I also bought some AmyLu Caramelized Onion Chicken Burgers – I LOVE Amy Lu sausages so I am sure these are just as fantastic.



And I am sooooo freakin’ excited that they finally carry Sandwich Thins out here!!!! I hear you all always talking about these fantastic 1 Weight Watcher Point buns and I can never get them.

IMG_8433 IMG_8434

I pretty much at this point think I am stocked up on burgers for a long time, but, in a good way for sure. For lunch I decided to grill up one of my new Don Lee Vegan Burgers on a sandwich thin.


Topped with Annie’s Organic Ketchup & Dijon mustard, tomato slices and avocado slices..


With a side of this Veggie Mix Salad I picked up at Trader Joe’s.


All together this was a fantastic 6 Weight Watcher Point Lunch! This veggie burger is amazing ~ it tastes alot like a veggie eggroll to me but you get the crunch of toasty sunflower seeds too.


For dessert, I had two of the most amazing cookies ever that I picked up at Costco too! They just melt in your mouth with lemony, buttery, powdered sugar goodness.

After lunch, I prepped for our BBQ tonight by making up my VEGAN Pasta Salad.IMG_8457

Plus my Healthier Potato Salad ~ This was The Husband’s sample bite to make sure it tasted ok :)


I also have a FANTASTIC dessert being mixed up right now! Pictures and the recipe to come later tonight or tomorrow, but, here is a HINT….It’s Homemade Low-fat Frozen Vanilla Bean Yogurt!

I am off to get ready for the BBQ! See you all later tonight or in the morning!


  1. I've seen those veggie burgers at my local Costco and was curious about them, they sound delicious! I'll have to finally buy a pack.

  2. Those two burgers look great. I may have to hit Costco next week!

    What do you think of the sandwich thins? I kept buying them when business took me back east and while they would make a good burger bun, I was not as big a fan for things like a PB sandwich.

  3. Aw man, I wish I belonged to a Costco--those veggie patties look amazing!

  4. Costco was CA-RAZY today!! I love those veggie burgers, however I've never bought them. Only had tasters, and I've been meaning to buy them forever! And I recently bought those same chicken burgers - they are AWESOME! I've been eating them cut up in pasta, quesadillas, and of course as a delicious burger!

  5. Veggie egg roll?! YUM!! That sounds delicious!

  6. I love those veggie burgers from costco! they are so good! We went there last night before it closed and it was dead. Going on a friday night is our new plan haha.

  7. Danielle ~ they are totally worth it especially since you can freeze them and take them out one at a time. Oh and they only take like 1 minute to cook!

    C.G. ~ I agree with you on the sandwich thins - they are for burgers I think more so than sammies. I haven't tried it as a pb&j yet, but, I can see that it wouldn't be as good.

    Broccoli ~ check their site, they may sell them other places. If not, I think they may let you do a one day tour/purchase for free :)

    Heyitstay ~ I like the ideas of tossing the burgers with pasta and in a quesadilla - yum!

    K ~ I was surprised with how good these burgers are, but, eaten plain, that is exactly what they remind me of.

    Jennifer ~ That is really good information to know - must remember to go at that time next time.

  8. The Burgers by Amylu Sweet Caramelized Onion Chicken Burger is great. We had them on the Oroweat Sandwich Thins. Both items we bought from Costco. I give them both BIG thumbs up. Both have great flavor. The bread is wonderful and I have been thinking of trying it out for a Peanut Butter Sandiwch.

    The burger is 140 calories and the bread is 100, not bad for an evening meal, Add some Tomatoe, Onion and lettuce.

  9. Why doesn't Costco sell these in Seattle anymore!!!! We can't get them here and we want them. Ideas?

  10. Anonymous ~ I am not sure why they do not sell them in Seattle anymore. Maybe you could request to have them bring them back or contact the supplier (I provided website links above) to see where else you can buy them?

  11. so happy u posted a pic of the chicken burger label! I just joined weightwatchers for the first time and needed the nutritional info on them but had thrown away the package! Lifesaver!

  12. Hi Silbaugh,

    I am so glad that my site/pictures could help you. I LOVE Weight Watchers and know you will do great at it! Good luck and thanks for the comment.