Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The year is officially 1/2 over 2day – Happy July!

I am so excited that it’s Wednesday already – 1.5 days and counting – yahoo! Today’s breakfast was simple, healthy and fabulous. I had two slices of Ezekiel Multi-Grain bread.

One topped with freshly ground almond butter (mmmmmm!)


And the other with Natural Organic Apricot Preserves that are sweetened with apple juice only – YUM!


I sliced up 1/2 a banana and topped it with a handful of blueberries – I LOVE fruit in the morning.


I also gave my immune system a boost with a little Emergen-C and some decaf coffee! All together this was 6 Weight Watcher Points – so good!


Are you all ready for the 4th of the July? Do you have anything planned yet? As of right now we are relaxing and hanging out around the house. A BBQ will happen I am sure and there are talks of seeing the new Transformers – yeah!

Just in case you have figured out what to make, I thought I’d include a couple of links to FREE E-COOKBOOKS!!!!

* Click HERE to download your FREE BBQ e-cookbook!

* Click HERE to download your FREE Salads e-cookbook!

* Click HERE to download your FREE appetizers e-cookbook!

* Click HERE for my all time FAVORITE July 4th Dessert. I LOVE it because you can make everything up, keep it separate and serve it up when ready. I use Vanilla Bean Ice Cream instead of Whipped Cream but either works especially if you make your own (adding vanilla beans – yum!)

I LOVE how simple the recipes seem and seriously who doesn’t LOVE a FREE COOKBOOK! Yeah…..

My dilemma of the day is that I have to figure out some games we can play at our work BBQ tomorrow for the 4th of July. The theme is a Luau (not sure how it relates to the 4th lol)…..Does anyone have ANY game ideas at all? If so, leave a comment because I’d LOVE to know.


  1. i can't believe the year is already half over! it's crazy.

  2. Happy hump day! Thanks for all the free recipe resources.

  3. ah i didn't realize that it's half way through the year - crazy crazy!

    enjoy your hump day love :)

  4. Where did 2009 go?! Thanks for the e-books :) I love to save paper!

  5. Oh my gosh, I didn't realize that meant 2009 was half over! Crazy! Thanks for those recipe ebooks, I'm gonna check those out :D

  6. Brandi ~ I know - that is exactly what I was thinking when I wrote this post.

    Lynn ~ No problem - do tell if you make anything, I am curious.

    Jenny ~ thanks, you too!

    K ~ I know - I actually LOVE this site for that reason. Now if I could just get ALL my cookbooks and recipes in there I'd be organized :)

    Anne ~ I need to make the rest of 2009 awesome so I feel like I accomplished something when the year is over.