Sunday, July 19, 2009

Playing Catch-up….

Sundays are usually my days to do nothing if I want to because I get everything else done on Saturday.  It was completely nice to get a massage/relax yesterday, but, now I have to play catch up on everything. 

Let me recap the rest of yesterday.  We both were not too hungry when we left to go to the Poker Tourney so I packed up some snacks and since we had to Bring Our Own Drinks, we made a quick stop ~ Venti Non-fat Decaf Iced Latte with caramel drizzle on top and a bottle of water for me.


When we got to the party they had snacks out for everyone.  I made up a little tray for both The Husband and I to share.  Can you guess which side is mine and which is his?!  I had the veggies, crackers and cheese – he had the chips and wieners.  I did steal a chip though…..


Mid-way through the party it was time to celebrate our friends 22nd Wedding Anniversary.  They actually had it on Wednesday, but, who ever passes up a chance for cake.


I picked a corner piece because it’s all about the frosting for me.  Normally I pass on store bought cake but I think the lack of a “real” dinner tempted me more than usual.  The cake was eh, ok, it honestly was a huge sugar bomb and didn’t taste that good.  I figured it wasn’t worth the calories so I had 3 bites and slyly tossed it. 


The Husband rocked the poker tourney!! He took me out (putting me in 4th place – yes, I STILL gave him a ride home after that :o) and he took 3rd place getting $$.  It was a fun night and it was great to catch up with all our friends.

Fast forward to today.  I slept in a little then headed to my Weight Watcher meeting. I am trying to give Sunday's a go over Saturday for a change.  Right now they keep rotating leaders since the lady I was going for isn’t doing it.  Hopefully they find someone “cool” soon.  After my meeting I was starving, so I broke out my Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Super Food Energy bar.


I LOVE how it is coated in chocolate!  That was definitely a nice surprise.


I broke it in 1/2 and had a 2 Weight Watcher Point Serving.


Yup, it’s GREEN inside too!  I actually LOVED this flavor.  It was crunchy from the nuts and I could totally taste the cashews.  The chocolate really added a nice flavor too.  Out of the TWO flavors I’ve tried, this one is by far the best.  YUM!

1/2 of this bar did an excellent job at keeping me full ALL morning long.  I have now completed 3 loads of laundry – 1 to go, went to Sam’s Club and the grocery store plus cut up a watermelon/cantaloupe and made The Husband some Healthier Potato Salad.

Lunch today was absolutely fantastic!  I started out with 1 slice of Trader Joe’s 3-seeded bread and toasted it a little.  I topped it with the Artichoke Hummus I got at the Farmer’s market.


Then, I added some 97% fat free brown sugar ham and honey turkey from the deli plus a slice of Tillamook pepperjack cheese.

IMG_9348 IMG_9349

For sides, I had a small scoop of my Healthier Potato Salad.


Plus a sliced up Heirloom tomato topped with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.


Plus cucumber “chips” on the side.


I decided that my cucumber chips belonged in my sandwich so I added them and the flavor of my sandwich exploded – SO GOOD!  I need to remember this combo is fantastic!


For dessert, I had some watermelon and cantaloupe.


All together with some freshly brewed iced tea this lunch was incredibly filling for 7 Weight Watcher Points!


I am off to finish up laundry, run to TJ’s (must have GREEK YOGURT!), stop by the library and finish prepping some food for the week.  I am going to pre-cook a few things to make this weeks cooking go faster since The Husband needs to eat early and get to bed early.

Ugh ~ did I mention it’s BLAZING HOT today.  When I got in my car at noon my thermostat said 112..  Granite my car was sitting in the shade and it probably isn’t THAT hot, but, still……

1) VOTE for my nectarine raspberry sorbet over fresh fruit!!!

2) Have you entered all the ways you can to win the Annie’s Mac n Cheese & BBQ Sauce Giveaway.?  There is is still time to enter and win.

Tonight’s dinner is all about grilling out and keeping the heat outside.  See you all for dinner!


  1. haha love the his and her snack dish! happy anni to your friends -- glad you got some cake out of the deal :)

  2. Everything looks so yummy! I agree with you on the cake- unless it's super yummy there's no point in eating it! I'd rather have 300 calories worth of peanut butter :) lol

  3. Yum, that artichoke hummus sounds quite enticing! Your lunch lucks incredibly delicious as well, I love pickles on sammies:)

  4. I am ALL about the frosting, too! I can't believe it when people don't like the frosting. Corner pieces rock :D Your sammie looks so yummy, too.

  5. i love pickles in sandwiches! have to remember to do that more often too....

  6. I haven't tried those bars yet. I'm always impressed though when people can break them in half and not eat the whole thing. I can never seem to stop until it's gone.

  7. Yum yum yum on the cake!!!

    And your hummus also sounds quite tasty.

  8. I never break bars in half. :D It seems unthinkable. I wish I had that bread for the sandwich that I'm going to make after this comment. The little seeds look delicious!

  9. loving that club sandwich! i could eat a whole brick of tillamook pepperjack! sounds like a fun time with friends, too bad the hubz beat you in poker tho!

  10. Jenny ~ He usually doesn't want any snacks but I always do. This way it keeps me to only 1/2 my plate :) LOL

    April ~ That's alot of peanut butter LOL....but, yup, there are too few calories in a day to waste them on anything you don't truly LOVE.

    Ada ~ The aritchoke hummus rocked - I really think that and the pickles made the sandwich.

    Anne ~ I totally agree with you. The only time I think it's ok to not like the frosting is when I am sharing the cake. I have a co-worker who eats the cake so I can have the frosting :) that works!

    The Actor's Diet ~ Pickles totally make a sammie to me - love the crunch!

    Lucinda ~ The key for me is to break it in 1/2 and put the other half away before I take a bite.

    C.G. ~ yum yum to it all - I agree :)

    Tasty ~ Glad I could help inspire your sandwich creation - I need to go check out what you made :)

    Caroline ~ I heart frosting all the way!

    Janetha ~ I LOVE Tillamook cheese - isn't it just the best!