Friday, July 17, 2009

A day of celebrations…

Wow ~ What a Friday!  It’s been a fun filled, busy day with some FANTASTIC news.  I am still in my little state of happiness for making the Top 5 Finalists for the Best Desserts contest!  I have never entered any of my recipes in any contests before ~ so cool!

This morning I got my day started with a  Kashi Blueberry Flax Protein waffle topped with a little whipped butter and natural apricot preserves.


Plus a container of TJ’s Organic 0% Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt for some protein.


And a super sweet, juicy pluot, sugar plum and a handful of blueberries.


All together my breakfast really hit the spot for 6 Weight Watcher Points!


My co-worker made up a cream cheese, smoked salmon, dill bread platter to celebrate her 1 year anniversary here!  I have to admit I’ve never tried smoked salmon before and was a bit scared due to the fact I only seem to like raw sushi salmon LOL!


I took one square and you know what – it wasn’t that bad!  I liked the smokey flavor and it was not fishy at all.  I have a feeling anything with whipped cream cheese and a super soft baguette would be good though :)


Lunch was totally made up on the fly.  I made up a cheesy hummus wrap!


* 1 Whole 8-Grain Tortilla

* A smear of that whipped cream cheese above

* Black Bean Chipolte Hummus (there are whole beans it in – LOVE it!)

* 1 slice Tillamook Pepperjack cheese

* Cucumber slices, carrot strings and a sprinkle of cilantro & green onions.

All wrapped up it was a fantastic combination!



I also had a small plate of leftover pad thai to go with it.


Then, it was time for yet, another celebration ~ another co-workers birthday!  This cake is so cool – one of my co-workers made it – decorations and all – so cute and oh pretty darn tasty too



Ok ~ I think that brings me up to speed with you all.  I am not sure of our plans tonight (maybe another celebration for being in the Top 5!!!  I am totally looking forward to the weekend!  Tomorrow we are getting a 90 minute Couples Relaxation treatment – massage and more – ahhhhhh!!!

* You can still enter my Annie’s NEW Mac & BBQ Sauce Giveaway.  Click HERE!

* Plus, rock the VOTE FOR MY NECTARINE RASPBERRY SORBET OVER FRUIT ~ Click HERE to vote.  I am hoping you can vote more than once but I’ll let you all know tomorrow if that is the case.

Have a fantastic Friday night ~ catch you all later!


  1. just catching up on all your posts now -- CONGRATS ON THE RECIPE CONTEST!!! well-deserved girl -- i always knew your creations were worthy of a prize :)

  2. congrats danica! you're so talented!!! just voted for you!

  3. enjoy the massages!!!!! yum on the cake!

  4. Congrats again on making it to the finals! I love that smoked salmon platter--yum! Enjoy the massage :D

  5. Congratulations!!! Hm, my mom just bought some pad thai takeout home. I shall go steal some from her right now. :D

  6. Jenny ~ Thanks for the sweet comment, don't forget to vote and to tell everyone you know to vote too :)

    The Actor's Diet ~ Awww - thanks! :D

    C.G. ~ I definitely will - I have a feeling I won't get too much done tomorrow :)

    Anne ~ Thanks, I am so excited. You know the smoked salmon wasn't too bad.

    Tasty ~ Um, yum - I am coming over then too!

  7. hooray for being top 5, i voted from my laptop just now and linked to the voting on my blog! i looove smoked salmon w/ cream cheese! throw a few capers on top and i am in heaven.

  8. Janetha ~ Thanks so much!!! I am trying to rack up all the votes I can so all computers count :)