Monday, July 6, 2009

Today’s Bees Knees…..(Business, get it?! lol)

Happy Monday all ~ yes, I am pretty corny like my title!  Now you all know the “torture” I put The Husband through on a daily basis with my corniness :D

It was surprisingly “freezing” this morning for a summer day in the 50’s.  They say it is supposed to warm up to be in the 80’s ~ ahhh my perfect weather day, but, odd for summer.  I am not complaining at all though, I’ll take that over 100+ degrees ANY day.

I knew exactly what I wanted for breakfast when I woke up this morning and it involved one of my new super cool PB&Co Peanut Butters ~ The Bees Knees! (LOVE that Name!)

IMG_8587 IMG_8588

I topped an Orowheat Double Fiber English Muffin with 1 Tbsp of The Bees Knees!  These muffins pack 8 grams of fiber and are only 1 Weight Watcher Point.  I actually think I like Thomas English Muffins better ~ maybe it’s all the nooks and crannies! :D LOL


Thick honey ~ peanut buttery goodness! 


Then, I took it one step further and added 1/2 a banana!


And smooshed it all together to make an English Muffinwich! lol


OMG ~ this was soooo good!  I think that The Bees Knees just might be my second favorite flavor aside from the Cinnamon Raisin!  It was a fantastic start to my day……then, my day got better when my co-worker asked me if I wanted to get a pedicure at lunch.  Ummmm, twist my arm……YES!!!!  I will switch my lunchtime workout to the evening for that!


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Have a great Monday all ~ catch you all later!


  1. that bee's knees one sounds so good. I really want to try that one and the mighty maple, but those are the two they don't sell here!

  2. Bees knees sounds fantastic! LOVE your breakfast!
    <3 jess

  3. i love the name of that PB and i love your title too, of corse i have the same sense of humor you do! don't you love those double fiber muffins?! they are so delish. pedi, um YES! i think i need to get one of my own now that you mention it! have a great monday D!

  4. Love the pun!! My dad used to eat PB/honey sandwiches all the time - they're pretty good!

    Thanks for all the links too!

  5. Hehe, love your title--super cute. That english muffin pb banana sammie looks delish! I need to try that sometime. The Bee's Knee's pb is so yummy. Ooh, a lunchtime pedi? Awesome!

  6. love the post title girl -- what a clever blogette you are :) i'm so sad I can't find the bees knees anywhere! *sigh* i think i'll go drown my sorrows in some cinnamon raisin swirl...

  7. man i can't believe i can't find that PB here, I mean you are making me drool..then again I am so addicted to PB that pretty much any mention of it makes my mouth happy.

    fingers crossed on the giveaway, wohoo

  8. Brandi ~ I think they should sell these pb's in EVERY store - they rock! They do not sell any around me, I am going to have to order online when my stash runs out.

    Havefaith ~ this is one of my favorite breakfasts ever!

    Janetha ~ I DO love those english muffins especially when topped with nut butter and nanas! You definitely deserve a pedi - add it ot your todo list ASAP!

    K ~ I LOVE pb plus honey on a banana with kashi - this just saves one step, right :) Your dad is SMART!

    Anne ~ I think getting a pedi at lunch might just be my favorite thing...other than it makes me not want to go back to work :)

    Jenny ~ That is awful...this one is BETTER than the Mighty Maple.....however, I suppose that isn't helping you out :D LOL....

    RunToFinish ~ You are funny, but, I know exactly what you mean!

    Peanut Butter Swirl ~ I completely agree!

  9. I love every single flavor the PB Company's products. Have you tried Mighty Maple? I promise, it will change your life!

    I've seen the Bee's Knees but haven't tried it yet. It's next on my list, once I get through the 12 jars of PB in my pantry.

    Hope you had a great day.

  10. i love the term "bees knees" too. I wanted to have a band called "The Bees Knees" once...

  11. Hehe, cute title.
    This is one of only two PB & Co. flavors I haven't tried--you're tempting me!

  12. haha I was just talking with my mom today how I love Oroweat English muffins so much more than Thomas! Because the Thomas ones are thinner and get crispier - I like the chewier, denser ones. But I know exactly what you mean by the "nooks and crannies"!

    And I've been wanting to try out that PB for a's on my list!

  13. i love the bees knees flavor- it's amazing/addictive! i used to eat pb and honey all the time, so this is the perfect combo :)

  14. Lauren ~ I did try the Mighty Maple - it's good, but, I LOVE Cinnamon Raisin and The Bees Knees best so far.

    The Actor's Diet ~ That is hilarious - you should've totally named your band that. What name did you end up with?

    Heyitstay ~ I do like the Orowheat but I think I like the sweet, crunchiness of the Thomas. Both are fantastic for 1 Weight Watcher Point.

    Steph ~ I LOVE honey plus pb and used to put it on bananas all the time....this saves a step and I think might even be better!