Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It’s H-O-T today…….

Happy Hump Day All!  You know it’s going to be a hot day when it’s 72 degrees outside and it’s only 7 AM.  They said the expected high for today is 104 degrees – H-O-T!!!  I am definitely taking my workout inside today.

I really think that the heat impacts what I eat – I just not hungry and want everything that is cool.  I decided to check off my dairy servings for the day with another Venti FF, Decaf Latte with Caramel Drizzle on top…..sorry, I have to recycle my picture from yesterday since I drank 1/2 of it before realizing I had not taken a picture.


I rounded out my breakfast with a slice of Trader Joe’s 3-seeded bread topped with freshly ground almond butter – Soooo nutty good!


About an hour later, I decided I was still hungry so I had a banana.  I should’ve put it on my sandwich this morning :)


I think my whole week is busy, busy, but, that is good, it means time flies by so the weekend gets here faster.

Be sure to check out the TWO FAVORITE summer dessert recipes I posted for you all HERE and HERE ~ let me know what you think.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked best so I submitted both ~ that would be sooooo cool to be featured in the top 5 and then featured on the my recipes You’ve got to taste this!!!!  *Fingers & toes crossed* :)

Have a great day all ~ catch you all later this afternoon for more freezer eating creativity!


  1. i will cross my fingers and toes for you!

  2. yikes that starbies is definitely necessary on such a hot day!

  3. I'm exactly the same way when it gets hot out! However, Starbucks is always calling my name :)

    Good luck getting one of your recipes featured... I'm gonna check them out now!

  4. I love nut butter and banana sandwiches!

    Good luck on the recipe contest!

  5. Stay cool today ;) If it gets too hot just come to MI because it's not summer here!

  6. Janetha ~ Thanks, I'll take all the luck I can get.

    Jenny ~ That was totally my justification for getting one!

    jd ~ I used to get Starbuck's EVERYDAY but I broke that, ya, now I see it coming back :)

    C.G ~ I do too - wish I wasn't so sleepy or I would have made one for sure.

    K ~ I think we need to have our two states combine their weather so it will be the perfect spring weather in the middle :)