Thursday, July 23, 2009

Working Lunch….

Today was insanely busy as we prepared for a big meeting we have tomorrow and an even bigger meeting we have next week.  I survived and managed to make a decent choice for our working lunch.  The place picked for lunch was a local Mexican food place called Taqueria Rosita 2, aka TR2.  Isn’t their website sorta crazy? I have to admit I kinda “dig” their van LOL.   I WISH we could’ve eaten there versus eating as we worked because they have tables outside and well it just looks fun!

I am a BIG sucker for chips and fresh salsa especially when it includes fire roasted veggies.  I of course snacked of a few chips and salsa and then some more :)


I then grabbed a piece of the chicken quesadilla appetizer with a little GUACAMOLE.  It was eh, ok, but, got ALOT better with some of that salsa!


For my main dish I picked 2 chicken tacos with corn tortillas – YUM!


You can’t tell in the picture, but the chicken is cooked in that salsa and has such an incredible flavor.  This definitely hit the spot and I kept working away.


This afternoon I wasn’t really hungry from my heavy lunch, but, I wanted something sweet.  I remembered I had a back of Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruits in my purse – LOVE these and the fact that they are made with REAL juice!


Did you all see the SWEETEST COMMENT I think I’ve ever had on my site ever this morning?  The Husband (aka Jay) left me his FIRST comment ever – I actually didn’t think he read my site.  I have to say, it made me a little misty eyed reading it – LOVE him!

Check it out for yourself……He was the Anonymous writer proclaiming his LOVE for me:\ :)

i just wanted to say that i love you... and i'll be done working my crazy EARLY morning hours next week. Then, life back to normal. I'm so proud of you and your "blogness". I think i made a new word. You're doing a wonderful job. Anyway, i voted for you.... and i'd do it a million times if i could. Have an awesome day!! love, jay

Coming up next….The Husband’s requested dinner menu for tonight!


  1. like i said your hubs is a cutie. and yummmm to the mexicana!

  2. Looks good, I <3 Mexican!

    Such a sweet husband! ;)

  3. New reader here and i must say i've totally enjoyed what i've read so far. In fact i just sent your post on pita bread to my daughter because she says in holland they have no good pita breads :)

  4. Thanks all - he is an awesome guy and I am one lucky girl!

    Spunkysuzi ~ Welcome and thanks for reading. Hope your daughter likes the site too. Please let me know if there is ever anything you'd like me to write about.