Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I NEED your VOTES!!! :D

Today for lunch we had to run some errands for work – Shopping for work can be fun!!!  I actually was so wrapped up in the suspense of the voting for the Best Summer Desserts contest that I forgot to have my mid morning snack.  I picked up some Honey Roasted Cashews while we were out because I was starving.  I had a small handful of these delicious nuts.


While out shopping we decided to pick up some sushi to go.  I grabbed a Hawaiian Roll ~ Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado, two types of spicy sauce on top – LOVE it!  I only managed to eat about 3/4 of this though because I wanted to save room for our AVOCADO rolls.


I split these awesome AVOCADO rolls with my co-worker.  I LOVE the sweet chili sauce they give you for dipping – so good!


Thanks to everyone for your continued support in VOTING for me to WIN the Best Summer Desserts Contest.  I really appreciate everyone who has helped to give me a shout out, held a contest, tweeted about it and just plain encouraged me.  Because of you all, I had the lead this morning by over 300 votes.  One of my competitors managed to beat that huge lead you all gave me today and now I NEED your votes to get ahead.

Tomorrow is D-Day – the final voting day!  So here is what I would LOVE for you all to do!!! 

* If you have a blog, please give me a shout out by posting this link and have having everyone vote.

* If you can vote again, please VOTE

Tell one, tell all, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!  Ask anyone and everyone you know to vote – I would LOVE to win this contest!!!!

The Husband, his mom and I are heading out!  See you all for a late dinner!


  1. I tried to vote again but it wouldn't let me! I hope you win! And wow that sushi looks delish!
    I also linked back in a post...hope it helps! Here's the link:

  2. I linked a shout out for you last night on my blog for all 9 people that read it! LOL :)

  3. I don't have a ton of people following my blog - but I definitely gave you a shout out earlier! I hope it helps!! I went back and voted again from both of my computers at home and work! Good luck pretty lady!

  4. Did you go to P&W :-) Those avocado rolls look like the ones I picked up there for lunch!

    I voted :-) Good luck!

  5. yum to the sushi, and you BETTER win! go to the library!!

  6. Julia ~ It only let me vote one time too. Thanks for voting and for the linkback :)

    Danielle ~ Awww - thanks! I LOVE your blog :)

    Mandy ~ Thanks I appreciate the votes and the shoutout!

    C.G. ~ It's actually from Raley's - can you believe it? Pretty nice supermarket sushi, huh? Thanks for the vote!

    Janetha ~ Sushi always makes my dya better....LOL thanks, I should try the library out :)

  7. honey roasted peanuts are the best snack everrrrrr! just sayin'

  8. Jenny ~ I agree - I LOVED the cashew spin - so good!