Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I received my 1st Blog Award – Yeah!

When you can’t decide, pick BOTH – right?! So yesterday you all know I was debating between Thai and Sushi. Honestly they both sounded amazing so today, we picked sushi!!! I know, bad me, I had an Amazing Greens Shake planned for lunch along with spinning. However, the mention of some fantastic Sushi Mambo sushi made me quickly forget what I brought :) I have to admit I was pretty excited since I can actually TASTE things this week – yeah!

We started off with Miso Soup! I seriously LOVE miso and could probably eat it every day – maybe….


Next up was my Disappointing Roll! It sounded so good on the menu ~ Spicy Trio with Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon and Spicy Hamachi….plus we added Avocado and Cucumber. I am not a fan of rolls with the seaweed on the outside – it’s chewy and stinking that way.


I have to admit the middle was amazing though – LOVED the spice and tiny bit of avocado and cucumber you can’t see. She did say next time we could request to have the role reversed – I highly recommend that!


Next up was the High Roller! I LOVE the layers of fresh Tuna and Salmon with the spicy sauce.


Perfectly cut and separated in to two fantastic sections. If this roll had AVOCADO it would be over the top amazing…..hmmmm, note to self for next time.


We also shared a “Volcano”Tuna, Hamachi, and Salmon, over Rice, broiled with a Zesty Sauce with a drizzle of Hriyachi Hot Sauce for lava! - Isn’t the plate they serve it on so cool?!


To cap off our eating extravaganza, we stopped at Starbuck’s and I got a nonfat decaf iced latte with caramel drizzle on top – YUM! (umm, I forgot to take a picture though).

This morning I snacked on a super sweet white nectarine with a lowfat Sargento Colby Cheese.


I had originally planned on having some of these new to me Pumpernickel Pretzel Sticks from TJ’s but then I read that they are made with Rye ~ Bleh! I gave them away to my co-workers.

IMG_8322 IMG_8323

And pulled out a few TJ’s Cinnamon Cats instead.



* You all know I LOVE Farmer’s Markets! Thanks to C.G. Foodie, I now have a fantastic Farmer’s Market Widget. Simply look to the right of this post, enter your zip code and hit enter. A listing plus map of ALL the local farmer’s markets near you will appear – how cool is that?! Support your local farmers!

* While I was on vacation I received my VERY first EVER Blog Award! Thanks C.G. Foodie ~ I am so excited to be a “Hard Working Food Blogger”!!!!

I want to share my award with some others too so I am passing this award along to these awesome food bloggers!

* Meals & Moves

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* The Broccoli Hut

I am slowly making my way through my reader! I had over 600 reads and I am now down to just over 200….Plus, I am catching up on comments, an interview and 2 giveaways too – phew! I think I should be good to go by the weekend….maybe LOL.

Tonight I am getting my hair done ~ Yeah! I LOVE my bonding/chatting/beautifying sessions with my fantastic hair dresser! I will probably pick up some dinner along the way along with a Starbuck’s (since I always bring her one). I promise to get back to real cooking soon before you all disown me :)

See you all later tonight or in the morning!


  1. aw congrats on the award girlie - it is well deserved :)! xo

  2. Thanks everyone - I am all too excited to get the award - yeah!

  3. aww so fun to receive awards and know that someone really enjoys what you are posting, which I do!!

  4. oh oh! yay! i love you and your blog. and a special thanks for the award! dang, sushi.. gets me every time!! those bites look baaangin. i need some sushi soon. it's been a month! crap.

  5. RuntoFinish ~ Awww - thanks, I am glad you enjoy my posts!

    Janetha ~ Thanks for the sweet comment! A whole month without sushi - you NEED to go!!! How did you survive so long without it?!